Is your child getting enough attention at swim classes

Are you worried about your child’s lack of progress in their swimming skills?

Are you frustrated with your child not progressing in their swimming lessons?

Do you feel your child is not getting enough attention to allow them to develop their swimming skills?

Or are they not being pushed enough in their lessons to further their capabilities?

Do you just want the peace of mind knowing your child is water safe?

It is not a surprise that swimming is the number 1 sport with the highest rate of participation for children Australia -wide.

With so many kids learning to swim and going through the swim school progression ladder swim schools often operate with large class sizes.

The average swimmer: teacher ratio for school-age swimming lessons in NSW is 6 students to 1 instructor with the industry-standard indicating most learn to swim classes operate at a 1:10 ratio.

This, unfortunately, means that children are not always getting the attention and correction they need and deserve to progress in their swimming skills.

Parents in NSW are also paying a premium for swimming lessons in addition to all other after-school sporting activities.

For larger families with multiple kids, the cost of sport can really add up! In addition to this in Australia, three out of four children either quit or are taken out of swimming classes by the age of eight years -long before they’ve adequately developed fundamental swimming skills that keep them safe.

This can be due to children losing interest, parents over-estimating their child’s swim ability or the weight of continued cost coupled with a seeming lack of progress causing parents to call it a day too early. With the cost of swimming lessons and the importance of ensuring your child is a capable, strong swimmer investing in lessons in which your child is actually progressing is imperative.

The good news is at Mermaid Swim Academy we ensure a ratio of 3 children to the 1 instructor in all of our school-age learn to swim classes. This guarantees your child gets the attention, practice and correction they need to achieve rapid progression.

Small class sizes help to develop a stronger relationship between the student and instructor. Mermaid Swim Academy (MSA) makes having a small class size a priority as it also allows each child to spend more time swimming and less time sitting on the side waiting for their turn and prevents any boredom creeping in!

With a no-nonsense approach to teaching, MSA ensures children continue to be pushed to develop their stroke technique and improve their swim fitness and endurance.

This recipe gives them a strong and effective swim stroke that will last a lifetime and maintain their enthusiasm to continue swimming as they grow older.

Local eastern suburbs Dad John father of two explains his experience.

“We have two boys at MSA, aged [6 & 8] who have just completed their first term. The standard of instruction, continuity of having the same instructor each lesson… resulted in dramatic improvement in both boys.

Previously we attended another swim school where lessons were half an hour/ fifteen minutes of real-time swimming due to high numbers in the classes and different instructors each week.

We seemed to be going nowhere fast. Now the boys love going to swimming lessons and actually feel a sense of achievement. My six-year-old Alex has just done his first hundred.”

If you would like to learn more about Mermaid Swim Academy and our class sizes and how they could benefit your child, contact our office on 0437374715 or drop us an email at


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