Nourishy is a groundbreaking breast milk freeze-drying service based in Australia that is revolutionising the way mothers preserve and utilise their breast milk. Founded by Cass Wingrove, a Brisbane-based mother of three, Nourishy offers a unique solution to a common conundrum faced by many breastfeeding and pumping mothers.

What exactly does Nourishy do? A mum sends in her frozen milk stash into Nourishy and it is transformed into a convenient, transportable powder through a gentle freeze-drying process. Nourishy collects milk stashes using pharma-grade coolers which allows them to service mums Australia wide.

The idea behind Nourishy is simple yet revolutionary. By freeze-drying breast milk, Nourishy enables mothers to store their milk for up to three years without compromising its nutritional value. This means that mums can now stockpile their breast milk and have it readily available whenever they need it, whether it’s for travel, returning to work, or simply for added convenience.

What sets Nourishy apart is not only its commitment to nutrition but also its dedication to safety. Each Mum’s breast milk processed by Nourishy is handled with the utmost care, each lactation bag is processed individually and Nourishy follows a stringent no-touch process which means your milk never comes into contact with any equipment or other milk. With a state-of-the-art facility located in Brisbane, Queensland, Nourishy adheres to stringent hygiene standards to guarantee the highest quality product for mothers and their babies.

Moreover, Nourishy is proud to be the official Australian partner of Milkify, a renowned breast milk freeze-drying service based in the United States. With over 4,000 families served and endorsed by influential figures like Gwyneth Paltrow, Milkify has set the standard for breast milk preservation, and Nourishy is bringing that same level of excellence to Australian mothers.

But Nourishy’s impact goes beyond just providing a convenient solution for breastfeeding mothers. They are also partnering with organisations like the Mothers Milk Bank Charity to extend the shelf life and accessibility of donor breast milk, making it more readily available to families in need across Australia.

With Nourishy, mothers now have the power to preserve and utilise their breast milk like never before. Whether it’s ensuring that their babies receive the best nutrition or empowering themselves to navigate the demands of modern parenthood, Nourishy is here to support mothers every step of the way.

So, if you’re a breastfeeding or pumping mummy anywhere in Australia looking for a convenient and reliable solution to preserve your breast milk, look no further than Nourishy. Visit today to learn more about how they’re revolutionising breast milk preservation in Australia.