How’s your garden looking? Jam packed? Or do you feel like there’s room for more? Jac Semmler thinks you need more plants. In fact, she thinks you need MAXIMUM PLANTS!!! Join Jac as she teaches you how to get more plants in your life. This workshop will help you to get more beauty in your garden, and with the hectic nature of modern life, we could all do with a little more beauty. Jac believes that there is no right way to garden and that all gardens should be a personal pursuit of pleasure! Jac is a crazy plant lady (more formally known as a plant specialist) and when she isn’t busy creating books like the magnificent Super Bloom, being the Gardener in Residence at the Adelaide Nature festival and being the creative director at Super Bloom Plant Practice, she can be found tending her awe inspiring garden Heartland in suburban Frankston.


This is an online event, you can choose any of the times that are available.


Saturday 11th March 2023 – 3:00pm (AEDT) Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra

2:00pm (AEST) Brisbane / 2:30pm (ACDT) Adelaide, Broken Hill / 12:00pm (AWST) Perth / 1:30pm (ACST) Darwin


1 hour


Cost: Free
Registration: registrer here
Instagram: @jac.semmler @superbloomau