As a parent, having an asthmatic child can be worrisome. Not only is it a serious health condition, but it can also be expensive. Looking at your child going through an asthma attack can be disheartening. That’s why it’s up to you to help your child avoid experiencing asthma attacks. Below, we have listed the tips you can follow to initiate the strategy on how your child can avoid asthma attacks as much as possible.

Visit Your Child’s Physician Regularly

The first thing you must do to help your child avoid asthma attacks as much as possible is schedule a regular visit to your child’s doctor. Regularly visiting your physician is crucial for asthma control. Children who have asthma will need a prescription medication such as steroids like Prednisone or bronchodilators such as Montelukast or Salbutamol. 

Your kid’s doctor will likely prescribe one or both medications for your child to ensure that they won’t experience asthma attacks. Remember to not give medication to your kids on your own without the advice of a physician. 

Moreover, in every visit, you and the doctor must review your:

  • Child’s trigger
  • Asthma control
  • Asthma Action Plan
  • Medicines
  • Inhaler technique

These things must be revisited regularly so that your child’s doctor will know if the treatment they provided worked and improved asthma symptoms to your child or if the action plan you created helped avoid attacks.

Ensure Your Child Takes Their Medicine

After the visit to the doctor, you will be given a prescription medication to give your child to help them manage their asthma symptoms and avoid attacks. However, some asthma medications can be expensive, and many parents have difficulty purchasing a complete medication for their kids. It can be a worrying feeling as a parent not to give what your child needs, especially if it can affect their health. That’s why getting a prescription medicine discount card is highly recommended. Discount cards for medicines can help you acquire your child’s needed medicines at a lower price, ensuring you fill up their prescription. 

For example, if your kid’s doctor prescribed Singulair as a bronchodilator, having a prescription medicine discount card can help you save up to 75% on Singulair. This way, you can ensure you have enough stock at home for crucial medicines like this. 

Avoid Triggers

Aside from ensuring that your child is taking their medication properly at the right time and dose, as a parent, you can help your kid avoid asthma attacks by avoiding triggers. Many things can trigger asthma. 

Your child might be triggered by eating a certain food or environmental factors. Keep in mind that triggers vary from child to child. Even catching a cold and a respiratory infection can trigger serious asthma attacks in kids

The reason behind this is that some children are sensitive. Their lungs and airways can easily become inflamed if exposed to triggers. Childhood asthma can interfere with your child’s daily activities like school, play, and sleep. 

Determine your child’s triggers and avoid them as much as possible. Asthma triggers are very common, and most individuals who are suffering from asthma have similar triggers from one another. Food and environmental factors known to trigger asthma, like shellfish, dust, and pets, must be avoided by your kids at all costs.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Since dust is one of the most common asthma triggers, it’s your job as a parent to provide your children with a clean and dust-free environment. The best way to do this is to clean your home regularly. 

Below are five cleaning tips parents with asthmatic kids must follow to ensure you address all the major things that can cause your kid’s asthma attack.

  • Remove dust mites around your house, especially in places where your kids are constantly staying, like their bedroom.
  • Purify air indoors by buying an air purifier to help remove allergens
  • Disinfect all spaces properly using cleaning agents that kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Ensure proper air circulation by cleaning your windows so air can circulate better. 
  • Use a water vacuum to clean everything inside your house, like your carpet, bed, and couches.

Stop Vaping or Smoking

If you or someone in your family is smoking or vaping, this is the time to stop. Vape or cigarettes are a huge trigger for asthma, which can cause severe attacks in children. No matter how you clean your home, visit your doctor regularly, and offer medication to your child, all the efforts will go to waste if someone in the household is smoking or vaping. 

The smoke from cigarettes or vaping can irritate the airways and make them inflamed, narrow, and filled with mucus. If this happens, your child will have difficulty breathing, which could lead to hospitalization. 

Establish An Asthma Action Plan

Every family with an asthmatic family must have an asthma action plan. It’s why it’s vital that discussing an asthma action plan with your child’s physician is crucial. An asthma action plan is a written plan that indicates steps to prevent your asthma from worsening. 

It also consists of instructions on how or when to contact your child’s physician or when to bring your child to the emergency room. 


Having asthma is difficult, especially for children who still don’t understand what is happening to them. That’s why it’s the parent’s job to ensure that asthmatic kids are well taken care of by following the tips above to manage your child’s health condition.