It has been a momentous week for Cosmetic Injectables for all of us at Q-Tox – our first week of opening at Westfield Bondi Junction!

We are known for our Anti-Wrinkle injections, lip filler, and minimalist aesthetic treatments which rejuvenate your natural appearance, to give you lasting confidence.
When we designed Q-Tox, we first pondered the patient experience – how did it smell, how did it feel, both physically and emotionally – we have worked meticulously to create an environment which is so complete, you’ll never want to leave. From the cold to touch stone which glistens under our lights to the chic curtains which create a warm, comfortable environment, Q-Tox is an experience, not an appointment.
Being dedicated to cosmetic injectables, our team of registered nurses and doctors perform a more extensive range of aesthetic procedures meaning you get the treatment you need, not the one we have. Each step in the boutique is a new journey, from sitting in the chic, suede, pink couches, the custom scent which allures you from around the corner, and for a limited time, complimentary valet parking.
We also understand that during the ageing process, the face and body may evolve to the extent where fillers may not achieve your aesthetic goals. Q-Tox is partnered with a range of local plastic surgeons, all who are highly sought-after, and perform procedures with industry-leading professionalism and personalised to suit each individual’s anatomy for a perfectly balanced, refreshed look. Together, we ensure you are supported throughout the surgical journey to achieve your aesthetic goals.

We really sense that we are at the start of something big, and invite you to be a part of the journey. Take a look inside our luxurious clinic, and book your – appointment