Happy Mothers Day! to all mums.

To the moms of little tinies who wistfully recall the days when you could shower with the bathroom door closed, but still recognize with a deep urgency that you’re living smack-dab in the middle of “the good old days…”

To the moms whose kids are now having their own… (To my mom!)

To the moms who are having an extra tough Mother’s Day this year because it’s the first one since. Or it’s the tenth one since and you thought it would be easier by now. To the someday-moms who are still waiting for their turn. To the mamas who feel like they’re drowning and to the ones who have it all together. To the mamas whose babies live far away, to the ones whose babies are sleeping in the other room, and to the ones whose babies seem to never ever sleep.

To the moms like my amazing mother-in-law whose grown son sends her weird cards with hand-drawn illustrations depicting their birth. (??)

We hope you have a restful, blessed Mothers Day. We hope you’re pampered like you deserve to be. Happy mothers day!