The Bay Trampolines are a trampoline assembly, disassembly and relocation service that specialise in Springfree and Vuly trampolines. We get many people asking us whether second-hand trampolines that they’re looking at on Facebook or Gumtree are any good. So, we made a YouTube video with a checklist on what to ask a seller about their trampoline or what to look for during an inspection. Some of the issues raised may help you decide whether to put in an offer below the asking price, consider buying replacement parts or to look for alternative second-hand trampolines.

Below is a summary of what we recommend to ask/look for:

Trampoline frame: The only concern with the frame is rust. Small surface rust spots are usually not much of a concern but if a hole has developed as a result of the rust then the hole will get bigger over time and that frame part may have to be replaced in the future. 

The most common areas of rust are on the bottom side of the frame and where the legs are in direct contact with the ground.

Trampoline net: The seam along the zip can be found to have ripped away on second-hand trampolines. If this is a concern for you (for younger jumpers) this unfortunately cannot be repaired and will require a replacement net which can be purchased from Springfree. Small holes are not uncommon on Springfree nets. If they are no bigger than the size of a golf ball they can be pinched using cable ties. Any holes bigger than a lemon cannot really be pinched. Another element of the net you want to inspect is the net pole sock which can be found at the top of the net. This sock can sometimes be found to be ripped away from the net and over time this could gradually get worse, especially if the jumpers are teenagers.

Trampoline mat: There is a strip that runs along the edge of the trampoline mat, and due to the high amount of traffic at the entry point, this strip can sometimes come away from the mat. If only a small amount of the strip has come away it’s not a problem but if a strip longer than 30cm has come away it would be a good idea to check if any of the spring rods are loose because the strip is what keeps the spring rod connectors on the mat in place.

If you have any further questions or concerns about buying a second-hand trampoline feel free to message or call us. If you are undecided about which brand of trampoline to purchase, we also have YouTube videos that review Vuly and Springfree trampolines, and a video that compares Vuly and Springfree trampolines.

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