The natural makeup look has become timeless. And since it’s not about masking but enhancing the features that make you, you, we’re all for it. Napoleon Perdis also backs this sentiment with their philosophy that makeup should be an accessory to your beauty. With their help, we thought we’d prepare a guide to effortlessly achieving that coveted fresh-faced makeup look. 

So how does one do natural makeup look right? While we wholeheartedly encourage makeup-free days to allow your skin to breathe, there are moments when getting that fresh, luminous appearance with minimal effort becomes the goal. In these instances, the no-makeup look is the go-to solution.

While the natural makeup look might seem like a breeze, made up of just a dab of tinted moisturiser and a couple of mascara swipes, the application of the no-makeup look is an art in itself. So, we’re here to guide you on mastering this subtle yet impactful look. 

Skincare Essentials for a Radiant Base

When it comes to skincare, think simple yet effective. Start with a clean canvas by cleansing your face using a gentle, hydrating cleanser. Napoleon’s Hydrating Milk Cleanser calms and softens, and adds a burst of hydration. Follow up with a lightweight moisturiser, one that nourishes your skin.

Now, the golden skincare rule is sunscreen. In Australia especially, it’s a non-negotiable. A broad-spectrum SPF protects your skin and helps keep your makeup in place. And a well-hydrated and protected base means less makeup is needed.

For your foundation, less is indeed more. A long-wearing, water-resistant formula is perfect for achieving that barely-there look. Apply sparingly, blending until it sets. For any blemishes, a touch of concealer does the trick, providing full coverage without compromising the barely there-ness of the no-makeup look.

And concealer is your saviour for those late-night Netflix binges, leaving you with darker circles under your eyes. A few gently blended dots will brighten the under-eye area, leaving you fresh and well-rested.

Step-by-Step Makeup for a Soft Natural Makeup Look

#1 Prime and perfect: The ideal makeup canvas

We’ve established that a healthy, hydrated base is the cornerstone of any successful no-makeup makeup look. Just as an artist primes their canvas, you too must prime your skin. If you’re donning the natural look regularly, treat your skin to hydrating masks and treatments at least once a week on top of a good routine.

With the skincare routine in place, let’s move to the makeup itself. Start with a primer to ensure a smooth application and long-lasting hold. Napoleon’s time-honoured Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer is an excellent choice, creating a flawless canvas for any natural or glam makeup masterpiece.

Napoleon’s BBB Cream is a beauty booster that nourishes the skin with minerals, provides sun protection, and sets the stage for a flawless natural makeup look.

#2 Enhance Your Natural Features with Subtle Contouring

Contouring doesn’t have to be dramatic. A touch of contour on the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and sides of your nose can add dimension without overshadowing your natural beauty. Napoleon’s Ultimate Contour Palette is an all-in-one solution to help shape and illuminate your cheekbones.

#3 Soft, Natural Eye Makeup Techniques to Mesmerise

For the eyes, embrace earthy tones. A neutral eyeshadow palette with nude tones is your secret weapon here. Sweep a shade similar to your skin tone across the lid, add a touch of a slightly darker hue in the crease, and finish with a subtle wing using a brown eyeliner for that soft, natural allure.

#4 Luscious Lips and Rosy Cheeks for a Natural Flush

Finish your look with a hint of colour. A natural, rosy shade is perfect for everyday elegance. Dab a bit on your cheeks as well for a coordinated radiance.

#5 Glamourise the Natural Look

For those special occasions where you want to elevate your barely-there makeup look to a natural glam makeup look, simply add a subtle statement. This could be a bold lipstick, a flick of eyeliner, or a touch of shimmer. Loose eye dust in cream or champagne tones delicately applied to the inner corners of your eyes, and the high points of your cheeks add a stunning, subtle glow. 

#6 Set and Finish for All-Day Wear

So that your fresh-faced or natural glam makeup look stays put all day, set your makeup with a light dusting of translucent powder. Napoleon’s Camera Finish Powder Foundation is a weightless option that keeps shine at bay without compromising the dewy finish.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

With these simple yet effective makeup tips for a soft, natural makeup look, you’ll soon be flattering your features and celebrating your inherent beauty. Remember, the goal is not to conceal but to reveal the best version of yourself. Find the perfect tools and products and uncover your radiant, authentic glow.