Peters Drumstick is proud to announce it is once again teaming up with Clean Up Australia for its ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard’ initiative to take on the challenge of protecting Aussie summer moments. Building on the success of last year’s ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Summer’ campaign, which saw over 5,000 pieces of rubbish exchanged for the new Drumstick flavours by cleaning up our beaches, parks and rivers, Drumstick is stepping up its efforts to target waste in our urban and suburban neighbourhoods, preventing it from going downstream and reaching our natural environments.

To get fellow Aussies involved in the ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard’ initiative, Drumstick will host activations at Martin Place and Bondi Beach in Sydney on February 9th and 10th. An ice cream truck will be giving away Drumstick’s newest flavours – Iced Latte and Choc Raspberry Brownie in exchange for rubbish collected from the local area to encourage locals to come together and clean up their neighbourhoods.

The ice cream truck will then travel down to Melbourne and will appear in Prahran Square and Federation Square on February 16th and 17th.

This year, the activation will feature a giant Drumstick-shaped rubbish bin where Aussies can see how much rubbish the community has collected in real-time with markers indicating the level of impact each amount of accumulated rubbish has on the environment. This initiative is not only about enjoying delicious Drumsticks but it’s also about fostering a sense of responsibility for contributing to keeping our local neighbourhoods clean to protect our environment, while celebrating the Aussie spirit.

Drumstick wants to continue doing its bit in helping to protect our environment, bring awareness to a worthy cause and make an impact to help clean up Australia. Through last year’s efforts, the “Let’s Clean Up Our Summer” campaign contributed to driving over a 30% increase in registrations to Clean Up Australia, with 750,000 Aussies participating on Clean Up Australia Day and giving away 5,000 Clean Up kits.

This year, Drumstick is pledging another $250,000 to Clean Up Australia which goes towards providing free Clean Up Kits. Australians are invited to order a free kit anytime from the Clean Up Australia x Drumstick website, encouraging them to organise their own local clean-ups. The ‘Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard’ campaign aims to inspire Aussies to make a difference by actively participating in cleaning up their local neighbourhoods.

Clean Up Australia Day will be held on Sunday 3rd March, 2024.

How to Participate:

  1. Choose from one of Drumstick’s “Let’s Clean Up Our Backyard” flavours – Iced Latte or Choc Raspberry Brownie.
  2. Scan the QR code on the pack to visit the Clean Up Australia x Drumstick landing page.
  3. Sign up for your Clean Up Australia kit and join the movement.

Adding sweetness to the cause, Drumstick introduces two new flavours to complement its ‘Let’s Clean Up our Backyard’ initiative, inspired by urban and suburban neighbourhoods:

Iced Latte:

There’s nothing like an iced latte on a hot summer’s day. Inspired by urban neighbourhoods, the new Drumstick Iced Latte contains a smooth blend of vanilla and coffee with a drizzle of espresso syrup and a sprinkling of choc flakes.

Choc Raspberry Brownie:

There’s nothing more delicious than a homemade brownie. Even better when raspberry is involved. Inspired by suburban neighbourhoods, delicious layers of vanilla and choc brownie are combined with a vibrant burst of raspberry sauce, all topped with choc brownie pieces.

Andrea Hamori, Peters Head of Marketing, emphasises the importance of community involvement, stating, “At Peters, we are passionate about protecting our beautiful environment, and we’re calling on all Australians to get involved locally to do their bit by helping to clean up their neighbourhoods. Whether it be their local footy oval, side street, bike path; it all makes a tangible difference.” 

Pip Kiernan, Chair of Clean Up Australia says, “Australians tell us every day that they are concerned about the world we live in but often feel frustrated and unsure how to make a positive impact. So, we are thrilled to be working with Drumstick again to get Aussies involved in cleaning up our summer! This collaboration is a great opportunity to encourage all Australians to make a real difference by taking practical action.” 


Martin Place – Fri 9th Feb

Bondi Beach – Sat 10th Feb