When it comes to fresh, it doesn’t get any fresher than Woolworths Eastgardens. They take great pride in partnering with Aussie farmers to bring you fruit and veg – fresh, crisp and full of flavour.

You might also notice that one of the sections has fruit and veg that looks a little bit different. This range is called The Odd Bunch. It’s made up of fresh produce that looks different, but is just as beautiful on the inside, healthy and nutritious and represents great value. Not only does it save you money but it helps our farmers sell more too. There’s nothing odd about that. Ask any of the friendly experts what’s in season, or if you’d like your heavy fruit or veg cut and wrapped to size, just ask!


Drop by your new look Woolworths Eastgardens deli and enjoy a slice of the good life.

Inspired by a classic Italian delicatessen, the glass cabinets are brimming with cured meats, salami, salads and antipasti from local and international producers. All these delicacies are ready to serve, the team can even  slice your meats just the way you like it – thick, thin or shaved. 

One of the teams deli favourites is the D’Orsogna sliced honey leg ham served off the Bone, made from Australian Jarrah Honey and Australian Pork. The D’Orsogna family has been crafting authentic and flavoursome smallgoods here in Australia for more than 67 years. From a humble suburban butcher shop, D’Orsogna has been in partnership with Woolworths for more than 60 years and has grown into a well-loved national brand.

The cheese section is also filled with goodies from small and large local markets, as well as international classics such as aged Italian pecorino, Swiss gruyère and rich, creamy French brie. The olive section is worth exploring too, with plump Sicilians, rich Kalamatas and a wide variety of sliced, marinated and stuffed varieties ready to enjoy.


Our new bakery offers artisan-style bread and sweet treats for every day of the week.

A shining star of our fresh new look Eastgardens store,  the bakery is your one- stop shop for gourmet loaves, pastries and party cakes. We also have flatbread made fresh in-store, perfect for burritos, wraps or pizza bases. It’s pretty easy to find too,  just follow that moreish smell of baked bread.

The team are not just baking the bread but offering to slice it too. If you love a good loaf, you won’t be disappointed. We use only the finest ingredients in our in-store range with Aussie wheat flour.

The bakery also has a mouth-watering selection of cakes and pastries. Using decadent recipes and quality ingredients, the custom-made cakes are sure to impress guests of any age.


Ready to bake, grill, fry or enjoy as is, we have an exceptional array of seafood in our new fish market. To enjoy the catch of the day be sure to ask our team what they’ve been buying and what they’ll be taking home for dinner. Our range covers everything from juicy prawns to the freshest fish fillets and 100% Tasmanian salmon, packed with omega-3 goodness.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to cook your selection, try our free Bag & Bake options. There’s no easier way to prepare fish, as you simply choose your piece, pick a seasoning or sauce (such as Lime & Chilli) and we bag it for you ready to cook. All you need to do is pop the bag in the oven when you get home. It’s not just simple and delicious, but is a great option for a healthy diet.

Woolworths Eastgardens, 152 Bunnerong Rd, Pagewood NSW 2036