Today we are chatting with local mum Christelle Le Baccon from Kingsford, who runs her own child dentistry practice in Randwick.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east? 

Since moving to Australia in 2000 , I have always been living in the Eastern Suburbs. It feels like home with all those cafes, restaurants, park and so close to everything!

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

in 3 words I would say… convenient, beautiful suburbs and trendy.

How many children?

I have 2 boys 🙂 my older boy Teoh recently turn 18 and just starting UNI this year like his mum and dad, would like to become a dental practitioner. My younger boy Lexi left his physique form over 24 months ago. We celebrated his 16th birthday his march.

Favourite Park?

I like Centennial Park. I used to bring my boys so often there after school when they were younger. I still go there quit often, grab a coffee across the Duck pond and walk with friends or sometimes by myself when I need some down time.

Favourite Beach?

I very rarely go the the beach to relax or to swim but saying that. I often go to the beach to Wave paddle or the wing foil. I go to different places depending on the wind and the water condition. We have lots of beaches in the eastern suburbs where we can practice water sport/ water activities. so, if you look for me, don’t like on the beach but look on the water 🙂

Favourite kid friendly cafe?

To be completely honest i don’t drink coffee, wine or any alcohol drinks. If I catch up with a friend, we usually go for a walk at Centennial Park or along the coastal beaches.

Favourite Coffee Spot?

In rare occasion I will stop for a gluten free chai latte. I am celiac and lactose intolerance but fortunately the eastern suburbs offer lots of gluten free food and lactose free milk so it is definitely easier that what is used to be.  

Favourite date night place?

I like to eat a “ blood wood in Newtown. Must of the menu is gluten free, the food is amazing and the atmosphere is very trendy. Small restaurant so don’t forget to make a booking.

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to go to?

I really enjoy walking so I am pretty sure I have explored must for the eastern’s suburbs area but if there is a little piece of paradise in the area you reckon I may not yet have visited, please let me know as I would like to explore it.

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?

The eastern suburbs have already a lot to offer. Covid has destroyed a lot of small business so it would be good to see that lovely part of Sydney blossom once again!

Favourite Local Shop?

For my part, I am more of an outdoor person, so I only go the Shops for grocery. Saying that I enjoy local markets as they offer great local product, fresh food and delicious handmade treats.

Favourite wet weather location:

The best place to be when it raining is“home”. Saying that, I can truly understand how hard it can be on a raining day to stay home when your  children and young and full of energy. Sky Zone used to be a great place but unfortunately they closed. If you are staying home with your little one, craft activity can be quit fun.

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

All my kids childhood, we spent it at the beach doing water activity. We would bring the picnic, the be acc tent, all the water sport gear and enjoy to spend the day all together.

Work or SAHM?

I have always wanted to work even when my boys were young. 3 days work was perfect for me. 3 days to get my sanity back, dress up and do something I like while my kids enjoyed the day care. As my boys are big kids now and do to my personal circumstances, working has been my saver. 4 days work now is a good balance for me.

Motherly advice? From a young age you get told how to do maths, how to write an essay or how to become a dentist but no one teaches you how to become a mum! We all try our best, sometimes we do amazingly and something we think we should have done better…  the most  important is to try, provide good care and LOVE your children UNCONDITIONALLY.  Just make sure what what you do, do work for you and your children. Be the best mother you can be but never forget to also look after yourself. There is help out there is you as seeking advice, hep or just have a question.