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1800 CLEANER – The dust-free specialists
Short description
1800 CLEANER is a local company providing superior residential cleaning services in the Eastern suburbs and Inner West suburbs of Sydney. 
We are a high-quality cleaning company that specialises in the removal of fine particle dust. Over the thirty years that we have been working in the business, we have refined our cleaning practices to such an extent that we can guarantee the removal of up to 97% of all household dust down to 30 microns in size (that’s 1/30th the circumference of a human hair!), leaving you with an incredibly healthy home that is both visually and sensually spectacular. 1800 CLEANER uses a scientific method of cleaning in combination with negative ionisers and HEPA Air Filters to remove fine dust particles down to a microscopic size leaving your home healthier and easier to keep clean.
Phone number
+61 1800 253 263 (Michael)
Address: we serve the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West suburbs of Sydney.
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