Frank’s Soccer Coaching

Frank’s Soccer Coaching
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Soccer Coaching provided for Youths of all ages and experience Levels in the Eastern Suburbs. Based at Queens Park however we are also flexible to provide the service in surrounding areas.
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Based in the Eastern Suburbs area. We are extremely passionate about being active, healthy and developing the proper techniques. The owner and manager Frankie Dawes has 6 years of playing experience in Semi-professional Youth academies and currently play in The ESFA Premier League. Coaching experience spanning over 3 years at the global Brand Coerver Coaching, also at Macquarie University and Cranbrook School in the Eastern Suburbs. Additionally Refereeing for 4 years in the Eastern Suburbs competitions. Experience in different roles across the sport contributed to my wholistic approach to coaching football.

Modern day Football requires modern day thinking and I aim to teach the mindset that every player needs to succeed including overcoming the challenge of self-doubt and fear of failure. Franks Soccer Coaching cater towards improving individuals’ weaknesses by assessing patterns in their behaviour to increase personalising soccer drills in order to maximise their potential during the sessions. Football has evolved from just instructing drills and teaching outdated old techniques!

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Queens Park, Sydney
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  • Frank’s Soccer Coaching
  • Frank’s Soccer Coaching

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