Randwick Council is calling out to local creatives to join the Randwick Arts Listing, an online platform spotlighting local talent. The Randwick Arts Listing is an initiative aimed at fostering creativity, providing support to local artists, and enriching the cultural landscape of the community.

“Council is delighted to invite all local performers, artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and other creative practitioners to join this exciting initiative, which recognises their valuable contribution to our community,” said Randwick Mayor Dylan Parker.

The online platform gives local creatives the opportunity to list their profile on a public directory on Council’s website, to share valuable insights about their artistic endeavours and needs in a short survey and to subscribe to receive updates about future arts opportunities, including studio spaces, funding, festivals programs, and more.

Underpinning the initiative is Council’s vision to cultivate a thriving arts scene that encourages participation and appreciation of creativity throughout Randwick City. To achieve this, Council has developed the Arts and Culture Strategy, a guiding framework that shapes arts-related programming and activities across Randwick City.

A key objective of Council’s strategy is to identify and connect with the diverse pool of talented artists and performers who call Randwick their home.

Getting involved:

The first step to join in is to take the quick 5-10 minute Randwick Arts Listing survey.

After completing the survey, they can then feature their profile on the Randwick Arts Listing online directory on Council’s website. Here, artists can showcase their portfolios, performances, artworks, and other creative expressions, making them accessible to the entire community through Council’s website. This exposure not only connects artists with potential audiences and buyers but also allows for a broader awareness of their artistic contributions within the LGA.

Completing the survey will provide Council with valuable insights into the work of local creatives, allowing us to better support their artistic endeavours by closely aligning our arts and culture programs with their needs.

More than a mere database, the Randwick Arts Listing is a promising step towards better supporting the aspirations of the many creative professionals of Randwick City.