Winter.. Who loves it? well, a few of us do but it tends to put a dampner on the clarity of our skin due to the excessive indoor heating and extreme cold that we are experiencing this Winter. These external factors can leave our skin feeling dry, flakey, dull and lifeless. We tend to lose our “glow”.

Eastern Suburbs Mum’s founder, Natalie Hudson decided to combat her skin concerns that she was experiencing by visiting The Laser Lounge in Double Bay.

The clinic has two experienced dermal therapists and a registered nurse on board, they are highly skilled in their field and offer an array of various skin treatments and services to target a wide range of skin conditions or concerns.

“I am a big fan of the Omnilux medical red LED light therapy and the Cosmedix Blueberry smoothie peel” said Natalie.

“As a busy mum in my mid 40’s, my skin has changed and I am noticing throughout the winter that my skin’s complexion appears dull; the excess build up of dead skin is evident especially when I apply makeup.

I found it very rewarding when people began noticing the changes in my skin, not only was it visible to me, but to have compliments from others was a great feeling.”

Skin therapist, Louise devised a plan for Natalie’s skin and we decided on the deluxe Medi-facial. Louise massaged the peel into my skin which feels like a gentle exfoliation as it contains microbeads as well as lactic acid and lots of antioxidants.  She guided me through the steps of the treatment and also informed me that we are able to customise the medifacial to target different skin conditions so everyone is suitable to have this treatment. Post treatment we decided to finish by adding the Omnilux LED light therapy for that extra “glow”.


The treatment process was 45 minutes, and if you choose to add the Omnilux it will equate to an hour. This is such a great service for mums who can be time poor and that need some serious R&R.

The Laser Lounge Double Bay is open Tuesday through to Saturday and trade late evenings
on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

They have some very affordable promotions currently available so spoil yourself, we all deserve it. All ESM’s get 50% off their first treatment!

Book today !!