Baby Bathhouse is a boutique day spa for babies, where your baby can enjoy a hydrotherapy session in their own mini spa bath and bond with you during the massage time. During our massage classes, you massage your baby, taught by one of our infant massage consultants.

Along with increased water confidence, hydrotherapy provides many benefits for your baby, including increased flexibility and circulation, reduced anxiety and crying, improved mood and sleeping patterns. In our massage classes, you learn how to massage your baby guided by our consultants. Infant massage has many benefits, some of which are improved bonding and attachment, enhanced neurological and cognitive development, relief from colic wind and constipation, just to name a few.

To begin with, you can enjoy a one-off session to learn basic infant massage or attend for 8 consecutive weeks to become confident in the full range of infant massage techniques.  Our massage classes run on an 8-week program, and each week we focus on new massage techniques for you to use at home, something we strongly encourage.

Everything you need for your session at Baby Bathhouse, we provide. This includes swim nappies, towels, and a relaxing space! Your baby gets their very own mini spa bath, that is chemical free and set at 36 degrees, safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Our neck floats are completely safe, and they are air free. We also provide Australian certified organic oils for you to use when we teach you how to massage your baby in our infant massage classes.

Baby Bathhouse was born from a strong passion for organic and authentic infant development. At Baby Bathhouse, we seek to provide a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment where we can assist you with vour baby’s development and their bond with you. Our commitment is to provide 100% organic and natural products in our spa and massage area. This includes having a chemical-free space and environment. Our highly qualified staff are passionate about infant development. Through each hydrotherapy and infant massage class, you will experience many benefits that boosts the bond with your baby and aids their development. If you have any questions about infant massage or hydrotherapy, our consultants will be happy to assist you.


Book now at Baby Bathhouse, and give your baby a session they deserve. New Massage techniques taught weekly!

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