Fans of the highly acclaimed Dane Thorburn novel series, who have been eagerly awaiting the third instalment of the fantasy fiction drama, will be thrilled to know that the third book is now out and available for purchase online and through all good bookstores.  The book entitled, Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge, is set to keep fans of the series enthralled as it takes them on more exciting adventures.  

Picking up where the series left off in the second book, it is now six months after Royal Knight, Dane Thorburn,  rescued Princess Vanessa from the City of Lost Souls. But something is not right with Vanessa, she is inexplicably ill, and the healers are unable to explain why. T o add to the worries of her father, the King, mysterious, menacing monster attacks have begun across the kingdom, killing people, destroying families and leaving a trail of destruction everywhere. 

A huge dragon materialises suddenly, blin dsiding the knights who are powerless against it. What is the dragon ” searching for and what is the significance behind Dane’s sudden ability to triumph over it when all the others failed? More monster sieges follow: a kestrel swoops on children and attacks families, a serpent surges through the provinces killing people and livestock, and a super-sized sarkoe crocodile terrorises the kingdom. 

Where have these mysterious monsters come from, and how is it possible that each creature evolves to become more powerful than the former? Besides battling these fearsome monsters, can Dane and the King navigate the treachery and schemes hatched by the leaders of the other provinces? It soon becomes a battle against time and monsters as Dane races to uncover the missing link between the four monsters and their power over Vanessa before she dies. 

Galanos used his time during the COVID pandemic to focus on writing more of his novels in the Dane Thorburn series. Being an accountant by profession, Galanos boasts years of experience with creative thinking to solve complex financial situations, and has found that fantasy fiction writing comes naturally to him. 

An avid reader from a young age, Galanos hopes to inspire a love for reading in the younger generation, now so often distracted by technology, that they miss out on hours of reading that could be equally entertaining, if only they formed the habit of reading regularly. 

Matt Galanos is not your typical fantasy fiction writer – he is a family man and accountant by day and fantasy fiction author by night. His first two novels, Dane Thorburn and the Brindabeare Knights and Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls have found a huge following in Australia and internationally. While ideally suited for the 10 to 15 year old age group, these stories have captivated a much wider audience including adults of all ages, with their fast paced story line and compelling quests. Galanos has plans to expand this series up to seven books, news which will surely delight his readers.