While for some couples, starting or growing a family can seem like a breeze, others tend to struggle with natural conception. Fertility issues are a harsh reality for one in six Australian couples of reproductive age, with our nation witnessing an almost four-fold increase in the number of IVF cycles over the past three decades.

Internationally renowned Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist, Professor Bill Ledger, University of NSW and Royal Hospital for Women stresses knowledge is power when it comes to conception.

“It’s important that couples understand the best age, the best time in the cycle, and best ways to improve their fertility health and fitness, in order to optimise their chances of conceiving.

“This information is particularly relevant as women continue to wait longer before deciding to try for a baby,” said Prof Ledger.

“For couples wishing to conceive, pre-pregnancy vitamins, in combination with adopting healthy lifestyle choices, are extremely beneficial.”

Having a thorough understanding of the menstrual cycle, ovulation and a female’s most fertile time is critical to natural conception. Being well informed about optimising your diet and body weight, taking the correct supplementation and modifying lifestyle factors, will make the journey easier for many couples.

When Aerin and her husband Carl began hatching plans to start a family, Aerin felt overwhelmed by the process involved in optimising her fertility and chance of natural conception.  She sought practical advice from her friend, an IVF nurse, about the necessary steps to take to conceive naturally. Aerin’s friend urged her to use the conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit and within a month of using the kit, Aerin fell pregnant, and today is the proud mother of a gorgeous son, Alexander.

“When my husband and I first wanted to start a family, we were keen to explore all available natural options.

“The kit was a simple and straightforward solution for us, and its contents and explanations are very clear,” Aerin said.

“It was reassuring to be using a fertility kit developed by fertility experts.

“It gave me peace of mind and assurance that we were doing everything we could from the outset, to correctly manage our fertility,” said Aerin.


Australia’s first holistic pregnancy planning kit, the conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit,
acts as a one-stop fertility shop. It offers a clinically-proven, four-step plan with supporting products and medical devices to aid both male and female fertility. The kit is designed to help couples start or extend a family through natural conception, or to nurture an ongoing pregnancy. The kit contains specially formulated ‘his’ and ‘her’ pre-conception vitamins to boost the couple’s reproductive health. It also offers a comprehensive guide to ovulation tracking, including methods such as changes in basal body temperature or hormone surges detected in urine.

To learn more about the conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit and how it can help you and your partner to optimise your chance of falling pregnant naturally, head to www.conceiveplease.com.

The conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit is now available for purchase online and in pharmacy.