As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child develop good study habits and establishing a consistent study routine! 

By implementing the following 5 steps, you can help set your child up for academic success and instil a drive for learning.

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Step 1: Establish a consistent schedule

No matter what year level your child is in, time management is an important skill for them to pick up! 

A structured routine can help them develop good habits, promote a sense of stability and security, and aid in time management, organisation, and productivity. Additionally, a consistent routine can contribute to better sleep, which is essential for physical and mental health!

Step 2: Create a study-friendly environment

A designated study space can help eliminate distractions, increase concentration, and improve learning outcomes. This enables them to achieve a flow state, where they are fully immersed and engaged in their studies.

Each distraction a student acts upon breaks this state of flow — and it takes up to 7 minutes to regain this mental state required for focused and efficient study.

To create a conducive study zone, establish guidelines such as no electronics, a clutter-free workspace, and comfortable seating. A quiet and well-lit space can also promote focus and concentration! 

Step 3: Provide adequate support and resources

To be actively involved in your child’s learning, communicate with them, monitor their progress, and provide support and resources. Attend parent-teacher conferences, volunteer at their school, and check in regularly about school work. 

During busy periods, lessen their chores to help them balance multiple commitments. You may also need to use tough love during demotivating times.

Step 4: Foster good study habits

Encouraging your child to establish good study habits is crucial for their academic success. You can do this by promoting good time management skills, encouraging breaks, prioritising tasks, and staying organised. 

Help them stay accountable for their learning by reminding them of their academic goals and what they aim to achieve.

Step 5: Academically support them through tutoring

Providing academic support, such as getting tutoring support from Art of Smart Education, can help your child develop a good study routine and improve their study skills and strategies.

Tutoring can provide targeted support for areas where your child may be struggling and offer one-on-one instruction and personalised attention that may not be available in a classroom setting. Your child will have the ability to:

  • Learn at their own pace
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Discover new perspectives
  • Build their self-esteem

Ultimately, establishing a solid study routine is essential for your child’s academic success and overall well-being. By implementing the five steps outlined above, you can help your child develop good study habits, promote a love of learning, and achieve their academic goals.

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