Hi, I’m Jenny! I’m originally from Ireland but have lived in Sydney for 12 years. My husband and I have 2 sons, Christian who recently turned 4 (going on 14!) and my stepson Oli who is 17 and in the throes of HSC year. I’m a chartered accountant and registered tax agent. I run my own business, Eire Consulting, offering accounting & tax services for small businesses and individuals. I often hear from clients that they find accountants intimidating, and they never want to ask questions at the risk of sounding “stupid”. Eire Consulting offers quite the opposite – we empower and support our clients to better understand their finances in an approachable manner.

Being away from family is difficult but I am lucky that my parents recently came to visit for 6 weeks, and my brother & his family are visiting later this year. My husband grew up in the eastern suburbs, so we are surrounded by the support of his family.

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east?

When I first moved to Sydney in 2012, I lived in Waterloo for 5 years; then moved to Coogee in 2017, Randwick in 2019 and am currently in Kensington since 2022. Every move felt quite daunting at the time, but it always ended up being such an easy transition. 

Three words that describe what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs?

Calming, chaotic and café lifestyle! 

I now know, The beach and park surroundings are calming, but life with young kids is always chaotic – they have a better social life than we do! As a family, we LOVE café brunches, and the eastern suburbs has endless choice.

How many children?

2 boys – Oli (17) and Christian (4).

Favourite Park?

It’s hard to beat Centennial Park – my favourite place for a run / walk. Sir Joseph Banks Park in Botany is fantastic for kids since they renovated the playground and Sydney Park, Erskineville bike track and skateboard park are great.

Favourite Beach? 

Clovelly – such a great beach for families.

Favourite kids friendly cafe?

I find most cafés in the eastern suburbs are kid-friendly. My son, Christian, is happy once there is a marshmallow with his babychino! We have a family tradition of Mother’s Day breakfast at The Coop, Bronte – it never disappoints.

Favourite Coffee Spot?

I’m a tea-drinker (not surprising for an Irish person!) But my husband needs his daily coffee fix – Bar Lucio, Kensington is his favourite spot as it’s very close to us and has great coffee & pastries.

Favourite date night place?

Bondi Hardware – the food, drinks and vibe! 

My husband and I try to have a monthly date night, it helps that my stepson, Oli, is generally willing to mind his younger brother (who idolises him!).

Where in the east have you yet to explore and would like to go?

Given my husband grew up in the Eastern Suburbs, he took me to some amazing hidden beaches and vantage points when we first met. However, now that our youngest son is older, I’d like to do some of the harbour side walking trails.

What would you like to see improve in the eastern suburbs?

The range of activities during school holidays are often catered towards kids aged 7/8+, however it would be great to see some activities for younger children (3+). Also, there are several popular playgrounds that need some TLC!

Favourite Local Shop?

What We Wore boutique in Clovelly – fabulous pre-loved clothes & accessories at such a reasonable price. 

Favourite wet weather location?

Being from Ireland, the rain doesn’t put me off getting out! However, if it’s the weekend, I would happily use it as an excuse to stay at home and binge watch some TV

Favourite Local family Weekend Activity?

I love markets and tend to drag the whole family with me! I’ll research markets that are on over the weekend, find a café nearby and have brekkie followed by a stroll around the stalls.

Work or SAHM?

I run my own business, Eire Consulting, offering accounting & tax services for small businesses and individuals. I aim to make financial information more accessible and digestible for people by sharing regular content on Instagram and TikTok. Follow here for more: instagram.com/eire_consulting/

Motherly advice?

The two pieces of advice that I have learned (and wish I had learned sooner!)

  1. This phase, too, shall pass – we spend a lot of time worrying about the little things when it comes to our children, like they suddenly stop eating meat or they hate the bath (this was us!).  We get really frustrated and worked up about it, but then the phase passes and we’re on to a new “problem”! And the cycle repeats….So I’ve now adopted this saying that “this phase, too, shall pass”. 
  2. Don’t waste time caring what other people think – you do you!