10 top tips on how to prepare your home for a spring sale

As we approach spring, known as one of the best times of year to sell, Sydney’s premier property agency RomicMoore   has created a checklist to get your home ready for sale and ensure the presentation is on point to deliver the best possible result.

1. Paint walls a neutral colour: Most buyers will want to bring their own personality into your property. While you may love your colourful wallpaper, there is a good chance your buyers won’t. By painting a blank canvas, buyers will be able to envision your home the way they could style it.

2. Clear out the clutter: Remove all clutter and eliminate items that you don’t regularly use. Our tip is, focus on one room at a time. It is all about creating more space in your home.

3. Eliminate all smells: Potential buyers will quickly notice if air fresheners are covering unpleasant odours. As an alternative, we suggest removing the source of smell and replacing it with fresh flowers or other natural scents.

4. Complete renovations and repairs: Do you have unfinished home improvements or repairs? Now is the time to complete them! The sale process will be much quicker and smoother if all unfinished renovations and repairs are complete.

5. Clean flooring: Floors are worn and damaged easily. While preparing your home for sale, shampooing the carpet and polishing the hard floors is a must. We also recommend replacing any flooring that is damaged beyond repair.

6. Invite in light: First impressions last. A dark home can appear as uninviting and less spacious. When preparing for sale, it’s important to open all the blinds and remove any obstructions from the natural sunlight.

7. Keep décor simple: Remove any décor that symbols your personality. To ensure your property appeals to buyers, we would suggest choosing décor that complements the season in which you are selling.

8. Take away bulky furniture: All furniture should correctly fit the scale of the room. While you are preparing your home for sale, remove any oversized furniture that could make the space appear smaller then it is.

9. Give every room a purpose: Clearly present each room to stage that it has a purpose. Rather than keeping your spare room a storage space for items you don’t use, tweak it to display the gorgeous bedroom it has the potential to be.

10. Tidy up the gardens: Clear up all dead leaves, trim bushes and plants back and have the lawns freshly mowed prior to all inspections. A tidy garden implies a well-looked after home.

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