With less than a few days away the anxious feelings start to rise…the next round of school holidays is about to approach and god forbid another “thing”
to organise and manage!

Social media will soon present us with a barrage of comic images and memes of mums grabbing bottles of wine to “cope” with the onslaught of children at
home, messing every room up, the never ending catch cries of “i’m hungry”, “i’m bored” “i want the iPad” “Where are we going today”, the reminder of
how you are stalked even for a moment to go to the loo.   I guess “back in the day” our own mothers would have experienced similar things, minus
the iPad, and I would say also we were all outdoors a lot more and had a lot more freedom in the suburbs than our own children have today hence the
constant pester.

However I will say now in my inaugural ‘second year’ of school holiday experiences that i actually really look forward to them being off school, it’s a
love hate relationship thing.  

It sounds cliched but I see them growing up so quick, so fast that sometimes the way I see them changing from week to week fills my heart with joy but
also sadness that a time, a unique time in mothering is passing me by.   In a few years they will be off to playdates or sleepovers, they will
be doing their own thing in the holidays as they reach the ‘teen years” they will still more than likely pester me for food and I dare say it money
for x,y,z but this special time that occurs 4 times a year where we don’t have to rush out the door saying “hurry up, hurry up”, we can have brekkie
together, we can play, we can plan time away to go somewhere, we can plan special things to do, we can connect, we can just be at home, we can just

So mumma’s here are my tips for a connecting school holiday time, to take a few breaths when the sibling fighting escalates, to turn a blind eye
to the extra washing and messy house and remember it’s just time, time that passes and eventually ends.

Eastern Suburbs Mums Term 3 School Holiday Tips

1. Do a local walk/adventure – get your comfy shoes on, some snacks and take the kids on a local walk in Sydney’s east.  

Our picks are Fred Hollows Reserve in Randwick, Centennial Park, Neilson Bay and around the harbour area, National Park around La Perouse and the golf
course area.


2. Local Cafe – without the usual rush on the weekends head to a favourite cafe or eatery and enjoy a coffee and snacks with your kids,
the east is spoilt for choice when it comes to great places to head to so choose your favourite and get the kids excited about eating and sharing this
time with you

3.  Check out your local library – so much to offer in the east at our local libraries at Maroubra, Randwick, Surry Hills,  Double
Bay and Eastgardens, get your kids interested in books and the more you show interest the more they will do to.

4.  Go somewhere you haven’t been – What you say? Leave the eastern suburbs?  YES!!  Catch a bus or train into the city,
visit a museum or a place or part of Sydney you haven’t been, yes get out of the eastern suburbs and expose your children to other parts of Sydney
it’s really important for them to get perspective on their city, head to Newtown or Sydney Park, the Shire, Parramatta (has a beautiful park), the
northern beaches for a day trip, it helps break the same old same places routine and something they can share when they get back to school and also
it’s good for you.

Check out
www.theinnerwestmums.com.au and www.northshoremums.com.au for their ideas in their local areas.