A brand new concept has arrived on Sydney’s shores… The Pedal Club; Australia’s first and only kids bikes subscription service. 

Fresh off the back of their launch last year and winning the People’s Choice Award at the Hatch Taronga Accelerator, The Pedal Club’s mission is simple; to reduce the unnecessary carbon footprint of the kids bike industry, and to keep good bikes from cluttering homes and streets, and most importantly out of landfill. 

For the equivalent weekly cost of a couple cups of coffee, parents can choose from a range of kids bikes to be delivered to their door, as part of a fully flexible service that allows them to swap their kids’ bikes as they grow. 

“Both consumers and businesses are realising that a ‘take, make, waste’ approach is unsustainable due to the impact it has on our environment. We believe adopting a circular approach gives parents an easy and sustainable alternative, without sacrificing high service or quality.” – Fergus Woollcombe, The Pedal Club Founder

The Pedal Club is determined to divert as many great kids bikes from heading to landfills across Australia as possible. Kids bikes have a true useful life of ~10+ years, but most kids outgrow their bikes in the first or second year. ~17 million bikes are sold around the world every year and an astounding ~15 million end up in landfill. 

The Pedal Club refurbishes the old bikes before reintroducing them to the market all sparkly and clean. With new services like this outright ownership could be a thing of the past.

For more information: www.thepedalclub.com.au