The importance of swimming lessons when young

Starting swim lessons with your baby can have great benefits.

It has been a subject of great debate as to how early you should teach your baby to swim. Teaching babies to swim is a process that should start from not long after birth. During bath time, parents can begin the process of water familiarisation using simple cues such as “baby’s name, ready, go” before gently pouring a cup of water over your baby’s head and face and praising them. Babies have a natural reflex that helps them hold their breath under water and even young babies learn they need to hold their breath.

This reflex generally disappears at about six months old. The more exposure your baby has to water the better the transition to formal swimming lessons. Once they start swimming lessons, that verbal cue is then used when they are submerged, and the babies prepare themselves to go underwater by shutting their eyes and holding their breath.

“Living in a seaside community, it is crucial that we provide consistent exposure to water for our babies and children through swim lessons, water experience and water safety” said
Amanda Dynon, Director Speedo Swim Centre Bondi Beach & Former Olympian.

Experts say babies who swim from an early age are relaxed and confident in the water and avoid the emotional stress that may come when starting later. Along with submersions, the skills of holding the wall, entering and exiting the water, floating and paddling are introduced during baby swim lessons.

Beyond the obvious skills of introducing babies to swim lessons, a number of other benefits are realised, including:

– Providing quality bonding time with parents (We especially encourage the dads to become involved)

– It enhances the overall development of balance and co-ordination

– It can dramatically improve babies sleep

– It is great exercise

– Improves appetite

After fulfilling our baby program most children transition seamlessly into our Learn to Swim toddler program and builds on skills that have already been developing.

“It’s important that we familiarise our babies with the world of water so that the transition to formal lessons can take place seamlessly.” said Craig Burns Managing Director Speedo Swim Centre Bondi Beach.

In 2016, 26 children under 10 drowned in Australia; out of an overall total of 280. NSW accounted for 34% of all drowning in Australia

(Royal Life Saving:

For every drowning death, three children were admitted to hospital after immersion with a significant proportion suffering some sort of permanent brain
damage. Extended research does show that formal swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning in children aged one to four years by 88 per cent.

QUOTE “Any number (sic) is still too many and every one of those deaths is ultimately preventable. The very thought of these children, and the burden placed on their families is what drives me day in, day out.” Laurie Lawrence source: January 30, 2017. 

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