The best 5 places to run in Sydney

There is no doubt that running is one of the best activities that you can do for your mind, body and soul. For mums who are ready to start running again, it’s good as you can run when you have free time rather than having to show up at a certain time, you can zone out and listen to music or a podcast and to get some fresh air.

Here are some of my favourite tracks to run in Sydney: 

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a great running track, especially for those running recreationally. You can drive there, easily park and the track is a loop which I like because you can keep running until you don’t want to run anymore and then easily walk back to your car.

It’s also a good option because you can listen to your music without having to worry too much about traffic and it is very leafy and green which is good for your mental health. This is one of my favourite places to run as I live nearby and can feel like I am out of the city for an hour. 

Bondi to Bronte

Another beautiful and picturesque track in Sydney that overlooks the cliffs and the ocean. The only things to consider with this track is that there are a lot of stairs, so be prepared for that. Also try to go during the day on a weekday or quite early as this track can get busy, especially in summer and on weekends, and if you are not tolerant of slow walkers it may not end up putting you in the best mood.

Barangaroo to the Opera House

This is a beautiful city track that has flat walkways for you to run on and a great view. I especially like to run this track if I am going to be in the city and have a lunch break, it is also nice on weekends as it is a little quieter then. Highly recommend it if you work in the city though.

Around The Domain

The Domain is such a beautiful park in Sydney. It is right on at Circular Quay however it connects too other areas off the city. It is on the water and surrounded by a lot of greenery and beautiful gardens. You can run through the Domain to get to Wooloomooloo or Potts Point or you can simply just run through it and take different paths as you go. It is a beautiful park and as it has so many exits its hard to get lost.

Rushcutters Bay to Rose Bay or Vaucluse

Rushcutters Bay is also another beautiful park to run in, but if you want to also go on a scenic tour, take some of the back streets and run through Edgecliff, Double Bay, Rose Bay, even up to Vaucluse if you are up for it. This is somewhat part of the City to Surf track so it is a good one to practise, but it is also a beautiful run for those who like to see lots of different areas on the way.

Ben Lucas is the Director of Flow Athletic and Flow Athletic TV. He is also an avid runner who has trained hundreds of non-runners to complete marathons. In fact, he trained 52 up in 2019 to run the NYC Marathon with him