Whale Watching

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What will you spot with these new coastal binoculars?

Next time you head out on a coastal walk, take a few minutes to check out the new binoculars and signs the Woollahra Council  just installed at Jacobs Ladder in Gap Park and the southern corner of Christison Park. The council has  put these in place to help everyone observe and learn more about our whales, other marine mammals and coastal birds. We are lucky enough to have one of the best spots in Sydney to appreciate the spectacle of the yearly whale migration so take a few minutes to look up, out and along the coast to see what you can…

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Discover the Majestic Whales of Sydney’s Coastline with Woollahra Council Whale Watching Walks

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Sydney’s coastal wonders with Woollahra Council’s upcoming whale watching walks, scheduled for June 30th and July 14th at the historic Macquarie Lighthouse. These guided tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the rich marine life and scenic vistas along the cliffs from Vaucluse to Watsons Bay, all while learning about Australia’s fascinating whaling history and the natural heritage of the Vaucluse area. A Journey Through History and Nature The whale watching walks begin at the iconic Macquarie Lighthouse, a beacon of maritime history and architectural splendor. Participants will gather at the back of the lighthouse,…

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Whale Watching Picnic with Dr Vanessa Pirotta

Whale watching season in Sydney has begun, and thousands of humpback whales are already travelling north on the East Australian Current ‘highway’  straight past Waverley. They are migrating to warmer waters to breed and feed so that they can build up fat and survive their return to the colder Southern Ocean. Join internationally recognised whale expert, Dr Vanessa Pirotta, author of the Humpback Highway, to watch and learn about these amazing creatures as they pass by Waverley’s intertidal marine protected area and the Bronte-Coogee Aquatic Reserve. Dr Vanessa Pirotta, author of the Humpback Highway will be hosting this event and…

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