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Preparing your child for the transition to High School

Written by Heidi Ho (Senior Speech Therapist), with insights from Rachel Paul (Senior Occupational Therapist) and Bridget Tegg (Senior Psychologist) at Early Start Australia’s Bondi Junction Clinic. Transitioning into secondary school is a significant milestone and can be an exciting period for young people and their families, but it may also come with challenges. Young people often need to learn how to manage new expectations and navigate emotional, social, and academic changes. Some common concerns that young people may face include time management skills, emotional regulation, peer pressure, increase in expectations, self-confidence, fear of being bullied, low motivation, and unhelpful…

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Signs Your Kid Needs Speech Therapy

As parents, we always hope that everything is going to be A-OK with our kids, and that’s great; it’s called being a good parent. So, when issues arise like speech impairments or other learning difficulties, it’s easy to try to convince yourself that it’s just a phase and your child will grow out of it. This stops parents from seeking professional help way too often, but the truth is, the sooner you notice an issue and deal with it, the better off your kid will be. So, with that in mind, this article will cover the signs that your child…

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