Kids art classes

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Why art classes for kids are more important than ever?

While kids love to get their hands dirty with paint, the benefits of art classes for kids extend far beyond the creation of a pretty picture. Many studies now show that children regularly engaged in creativity, such as painting and drawing classes, develop a greater capacity for problem solving, visual understanding, out of the box thinking, and good communication skills. Getting time off the screens and engaging with hands on creativity, as well as making new friends is a huge bonus! Kids Art Classes  Allow your child’s artistic talents to blossom at The Art Studio’s best kids painting & drawing…

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Why enrol in a class at your local art school

One need not be the next Picasso or Da Vinci to feel at home at Bondi’s home of creativity, Waverley Woollahra Art School. Open to artists of all ages, children as young as 6 to retirees, come to escape the humdrum of modern life and get in touch with their creativity. With smiles on their faces as they enter their new found creative home, the student’s smiles grow wider as the hours progress and the trials and tribulations of life outside the walls of this old building melt away to make room for growth, ideas and inspiration. Since 1968, Waverley…

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