ECOVACS Raises The Bar In Home Cleaning Robotics With New DEEBOT T20 OMNI

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading service robotics brand and Australian market leader, has today announced the launch of its latest home cleaning innovation, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI. The new addition to ECOVACS’ dual vacuuming and mopping line up raises the bar in home cleaning by combining new and flagship features such as Auto-Mop Lifting and Hot-Water Mop Washing for the ultimate All-in-One DEEBOT that is cleaner, smarter, and more user-friendly than ever before. In addition to the new Hot Water Mop Washing and the intuitive Auto-Lifting Mop functionality, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI also boasts a mix of other flagship-quality inclusions….

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