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Sitting up is a monumental rite of passage for baby and their parents. For many, it’s a sign of independence and growing up. My babies were much more content once they could sit on their own. They could look around and observe their surroundings or have their hands free to play with toys. As one of the first major gross motor milestones of development, sitting up is something to encourage and look forward to with baby.1 You may be eager to get baby sitting up but are unsure when to expect this milestone, specifically what age babies sit up. You…

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The first time you and your newborn lock eyes can be a joyous and overwhelming experience. That moment when they look at you with recognition in their eyes as they hear your voice for the first time in the outside world. But what can they see? Turns out not too much. Not for several weeks, anyway. Let’s explore your baby’s vision development and milestones to understand better how their vision works! When Can Newborns See? Your baby’s vision development will undergo many dramatic changes during the first year of life. But let us begin with those “fresh out of the…

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What is a Mothercraft Nurse?

What is a Mothercraft Nurse? Some clients declare us as a “parenting godsend” of baby and toddler sleep for every new Mum or Dad, indeed for the whole family.  At Mothercraft for Babies, we want to empower you with the skills and confidence to implement a practical, customised solution for your baby or toddler’s feeding, sleeping and routine issues so the whole family will thrive not just survive!  “We had fallen into a difficult cycle where the days and nights were back to front, we were (unwillingly) co-sleeping, my baby could only settle to sleep by being nursed and some…

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Midwifery & Lactation Sydney

Midwifery & Lactation Sydney was formed to support women during late pregnancy right through to care of their newborn and infant. From Breastfeeding to settling MLsydney wants to support women in their journey and lighten the load of what can be a challenging time. Samantha and Catherine, the two co-founders of Midwifery & Lactation Sydney are passionate about providing compassionate care for women, babies and families. They understand that pregnancy and the transition to motherhood can be an exciting yet vulnerable time filled with a range of emotions, and they want to make sure all women and families have access…

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Double trouble… to double delight

Moving house might be easier! Written by Kate Ledger, Author and mum to Rori and Scarlett Buckey, 9 Hindsight, as we all know, is a very exact science, as was the scan that would change our lives forever. “How do you feel about two heartbeats?”, the sonographer said as she looked at my husband and me. My husband looked at me with brief confusion and wondered if she meant our baby had two hearts. Of course I knew immediately it was TWINS! An incredibly amazing and complex roller-coaster ride had just begun. Raw emotion and panic set in. How on earth…

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