Just like diamonds, pearls should be an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. But when was the last time you decided to wear pearls casually?

Yes, that’s right, casually!

Long gone are the days that we only wore pearls on formal occasions, with our little black dress and best heels.

Instead, pearls have become a huge trend in 2022. With many women choosing to wear them as part of a ‘smart casual’ ensemble. Most recently this included The Duchess of Cambridge, who rocked her pearl drop earrings with a utility jacket.

While they still match pretty much every dressy outfit you own, this classic accessory also works very well with more casual attire. This is because their formality offers a very appealing contrast to what else you are wearing.

Adorning one elegant piece, for instance, a pearl necklace, can instantly create a sophisticated yet relaxed look. Combining comfort with elegance, not only does this give you a very ladylike appearance, but it also gives the pearl the spotlight too.

If the idea of wearing them in non-formal situations appeals to you, but you are not sure of how to pull it off, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Allow us to provide you with some inspiration, in the form of our style guide of how to wear pearls casually.

Types of Pearls

Before we do that, it is worth quickly running over the distinct types of pearls you can get.

Essentially there are two types – those which are ‘natural’ and those which are ‘cultured’. As you can probably guess from these definitions, natural pearls grow out in the wild. While cultured pearls are reared by pearl farmers using artificial methods.

Other than the fact that natural pearls are much more expensive, and tend to be exceedingly rare, when it comes to composition, they are virtually the same as cultured pearls. Most of the Pearl Earrings from Larsen Jewellery that you see for sale are cultured.

Another distinction you should be aware of is the one between freshwater and saltwater pearls. Typically, the latter is formed in the ocean, while the former grows in molluscs, found in lakes and rivers.

Overall, saltwater pearls tend to be more expensive and perfectly rounded, while the freshwater ones come in a myriad of irregular shapes that can look pretty cool. They are also less likely to get chipped or damaged as well, so tend to have more longevity.

Styling Pearls Casually

Now that you know what types of pearls there are, here are 5 ways to wear them casually.

  1. One Pearl on a Signature Chain

For those wanting to make a seamless transition from formal to casual, you should forget about putting on a string of pearls, and instead opt for a single bead on a signature chain.

An oval shaped pearl, on a lariat style of chain is excellent for everyday wear, as it gets all the focus of the neck wear. 

Be sure to pair it with a lovely button-down shirt, so it sits perfectly on your neckline. This will create a fantastic balance between the casual element of the shirt and the elegant nature of the pearl.

Alternatively, it would also look amazing on a night out if you wore it with a black dress. Especially if it had an open back, or low cut, and you adorned it like a back necklace.

  1. Wear It Short

Another excellent way to wear it is as a pearl choker – a single floating pearl, on a dainty chain.

When worn as a short choker it creates a sexy, hip, and elegant look. Especially when the pearl is slightly imperfect and irregular in shape.

As it is so versatile, this is a wonderful thing to wear during the transition of day to evening. That said, it also looks equally as fantastic on its own, as it does when you pair it with others.

  1. Layer Your Pearl Necklaces

Occasionally it is ok to wear more. So why not match your short pearl choker with a mix of other necklaces?

Whether you add big cutesy hearts, colourful gemstones, animal charms, lettering, or anything else you fancy is entirely up to you. But the layered look is a fabulous way to match your regular everyday outfit, with a gorgeous pearl necklace.

When balanced with your other necklaces, it forms an eye-catching, casual look your friends will love. For a real 90s vibe you can also wear your pearls with your favourite pair of jeans.

The great thing about layers is that you can change them up, and rotate them every day, for a brand new and unique look.

  1. Adopt a Casual Baroque Look

When it comes to pearl earrings, why not go casual and baroque?

Leave the perfectly round pearls in your jewellery case and instead go for a more baroque look.

A stunning, one-of-a-kind, baroque pearl earring, radiates charm and character. Especially if it features bright colours and odd shapes.

Brought to life further by the skin tone of your ear, these types of earrings can be worn both formally or casually, at night or during the day.

They are also equally as appropriate to wear for the office, as they are out for drinks with your friends. 

  1. Mix and Match

In the same way as you might layer, why not mix your pearls with other colourful gemstones?

This hodgepodge look can be really cool, especially if you base your colours on a specific palette. Which means you will be able to match it cleverly without overdoing the aesthetic.

If you would prefer a more subtle approach, try creating a necklace with pastel palettes where colours like white, grey, and other muted tones compliment it perfectly.

Final Thought

So, there you have it, our style guide to how to wear pearls casually.

As we said right from the outset, pearls are a major trend for 2022.

Whichever of these looks you choose to wear, just be sure to own it with confidence. You also might want to check out some of these beauty and style resources too for further tips.