We are an on-demand laundry service connecting people who have laundry to do with people who love to do laundry, via an easy-to-use app.

Our customers tick a chore off the to do list – their washing is picked up, expertly cleaned, dried, folded and delivered back to them.

Meanwhile our Spinners turn their laundry machines into income streams. This community of Spinners is made up of talented laundry-lovers who are wizards with washing, as well as commercial laundromats extending their network.

After customers place an order via the app, their assigned Spinner will be in touch to organise a time that suits both of you. Each order can be handled differently including detergent preferences, drying preferences and even pick up and drop off preferences. This way it’s customised to how you like your laundry done – just not done by yourself.

We aim for an overnight service, where Spinners return all orders placed before 3pm, by 8pm the following day (unless the weather and drying conditions have other ideas!)

Spinaway’s service is calculated based on weight. Our minimum order is $35 or 10kgs (about 2 washing baskets!). After that it is $3.50 per kg.

All payments are handled via the app.

We are LIVE and accepting orders in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and to our ESM community – would love to offer you 50% off your first order using the code ESM50. Simply:

  1. Download our app from the App or Google Play store
  2. When you need your laundry done (picked up, washed, fried, folded, returned to your doorstep) use the app to place an order using the code ESM50.
  3. That’s it!

If you have further questions – check out our website or contact us via hello@spinaway.com.au

AND in case you think – Hey I would love to join this community – check out what being a Spinner could do for you.

Peace, Love and Laundry!

Team Spinaway