Sharing a Nanny

With childcare costs continually rising and Day care waiting lists getting longer by the minute, parents can often be left with very little choice.

Lullaby Nanny Share owners Rachel Russell and Nikita Cosgrave chatted to Eastern Suburbs Mums on what mums need to consider if getting a nanny or considering doing a nanny share. Both are former nannies themselves and employ a nanny to care for their own children whilst working.

What qualities did you want in a Nanny?

Rachel: Caring, happy, honest and most importantly loves working with children.

Nikita: Nurturing, honest and genuine in their approach to childcare, with a love and passion for working with children all day.

Why did you choose Nanny Share?

R: We have no family in Australia and liked the idea of Bobbi being around another family and child. Our nanny is fantastic; I can see how much Bobbi is developing daily.

N: I have no family in Australia and Albie is mostly around us. I wanted him to engage with another child in a new environment with one-on-one interaction.

What are the benefits of Nanny Share?

R: We have setup a play area in my home and organised a double-pram so our nanny can take both children on daily walks to the library and local parks. The home environment is safe and comfortable. Returning to work full-time is stressful. I feel guilty leaving Bobbi everyday but she’s always full of smiles in the evening which makes it worthwhile.

N: The cost works out around the same as Day care. I started with Sole Charge care for 3 months and prefer nanny sharing as Albie is around another child the same age. He gets lots of love and attention from our Nanny and the other family. I feel guilty as a working mum but know Albie is happy and thriving daily.

What challenges have you faced?

R: Both children are on different routines which makes it difficult some days. Our nanny enjoys the one-on-one time with each child and updates us with regular messages and photos.

N: The first week leaving him was quite daunting, but our nanny makes it all work. It’s challenging for our nanny managing two routines and understanding each parenting style. We receive updates in a daily diary and photos which is lovely to see.

When not working what local activities do you like doing with your children?

R: I love taking Bobbi to Einsteinz Music in Randwick

N: Albie and I love exploring Queens Park especially the great gated kids playground

What advice would you give to parents considering Nanny Share?

R: In our arrangement, we prefer our nanny to focus on our babies’ development than cook/clean. Try not to put too much pressure on your nanny so she enjoys coming to work and spending time with your children.

N: We have arranged many nanny shares to date and many families often focus on a nanny assisting with cooking/cleaning. I would advise for a nanny to be solely dedicated to caring, nurturing and educating the children. Make it as easy as possible for your nanny so she enjoys her job and the children will gain so much more.

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