Orthodontics is the dental specialty of moving and aligning teeth to a better aesthetic and functional position. Straight teeth may allow for better brushing, less food traps and healthier teeth and gums. The follow on effects of this can include a healthier mouth, less dental problems, fresher breath, potentially improved breathing and speaking behaviours, and greater self confidence – just to name a few! As such, it is never too late to seek orthodontic treatment to not only improve your smile and confidence, but potentially improve the function, and longevity of your teeth.

There is a general misconception that orthodontic treatment is limited to children. However with the advance in technology, discrete orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign has made achieving that dream smile a very achievable reality for all ages.  Furthermore, teeth can be moved no matter what the age of the patient – we have treated patients of all ages! 


So when should you see an orthodontist? Some things that can warrant a consultation include: 

  • Losing baby teeth prematurely due to cavities (decay) or trauma 
  • Snoring or breathing through the mouth 
  • Teeth that don’t meet properly when biting together 
  • Protruding and/or overcrowded teeth 
  • Difficulties with biting or chewing 
  • Thumb sucking 
  • A family history of impacted or missing teeth 

*(Adapted from ASO)

The expert orthodontists at MyOrthodontist are able to give you the best treatment options to correct crooked teeth or smiles, using state of the art technology and the experience and wisdom of two of the best orthodontists in Sydney. See www.myorthodontist.net for more information or give us a call on (02) 9389 1382

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