Most common item left off a baby check list

Does your baby list look something like this?

Car seat. (tick)

Pram. (Tick)

Nappies. (tick)

Breast pads. (tick)

Onesies. (tick)

Nursery decor. (tick)

Birth classes. (tick)

The list of ‘things’ to purchase and do seems endless when you are expecting a baby. So many decisions need to be made from where you are going to have your baby; to which kind of baby monitor to buy and it can become quite a consuming and at times a confusing process first time around.

Thankfully there are lots of forums and communities on the interwebs that you can go to to seek advice, many of which are tried and tested by mums themselves. This advice can make all these decisions much easier, but one of the most important things you need to do when you become a parent is often forgotten.

We can get caught up in the need to ‘nest’ and focus on the birth of the baby, but what about knowing what to do if your child gets sick?

In today’s society we are often on the other side of the world to our family and support networks, and when our children are sick or injured that is when we need their care and advice. We need to know what to look for and most importantly, who and when to seek help from when our child becomes unwell.

We invest so much money in safety equipment, why are we not investing in our knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to our sick or injured child?

Most of us either have never learned basic CPR or did back in high school training for our bronze medallion, you would be surprised to know a lot as changed and also that you will likely forget those valuable skills years down the track.

If you’re a parent-to-be ask yourself these questions and if you cannot answer them confidently or not sure then you need to consider what knowledge do I need to know and how do I learn?

1. What do I do if my baby has a high temperature – what is normal and what isn’t?

2. What do you do if your baby or toddler is choking?

3. When is the last time you did a CPR Course?

4. What would you do if your baby or toddler got burnt?

As a parent, the comfort of knowing what to look for; and when to seek medical help is a great thing. Having the confidence to recognise and respond to your sick or injured child is so comforting, and it takes the fear away. Of course we always worry when our children are unwell, but having the confidence to know what to look for and what to do empowers us as parents.

Keeping our little ones safe and well is our number one priority, why not invest in that knowledge today?


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