Mondays Local Mum -Lizzy Ferrier

This week’s local mum is Lizzy Ferrier from Randwick who runs a great online business selling the most amazing kids shoes. 

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I have lived in Sydney’s East for 13 years. I was in Bondi Beach for 11 years and now I am in Randwick North, just opposite Queens Park.

How many children:

2 adventurous boys of 2 .5 and 4.5

Favourite Park:

Our local Queens Park, but also Centennial Park as we can easily scoot there and it has a lot to offer. Not only the playgrounds but there are many adventures to be had exploring.

Favourite Beach:

Bronte as it has everything, a fantastic playground when you’ve had enough of the beach, a huge rock pool that the kids can swim in safe from any waves, and lots of cafe’s to get the essential coffee. Otherwise we head to Neilsen’s Park or Camp Cove.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

The Shed in Queens Park, I rarely sit down in a cafe with the boys as it’s not the most relaxing experience, but at the Shed they are very accommodating to kids running around and they have colouring in which keeps them occupied.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

When we were in Bondi my favourite coffee spot was Chapter One, I was there every day as it was on our street and you can gaze out at the view of the beach whilst waiting for your coffee. Now I mostly go to Cafe Sorelle on Bronte Rd as they do the best coffee.

Favourite date night place:

We used to go to the Bondi Tratt a lot, but really we love to get a bite to eat and go to the movies, very unexciting!!

Favourite Mother’s Group Location:

I no longer hang out so much with my mothers groups as we all head back to work, but it used to be the Grassy Knoll in North Bondi.

Favourite wet weather location:

My boys would opt for Monkey Mania every time, but I’ll either take them to the Library if there is Story Time, Watson’s Bay is our favourite or, to Cook and Philip for a swim as they love the slide there, or, I’m not sure I should admit this, we go to IKEA at Tempe. They have all the play kitchens in the cafe and the older one can go in the Free play area.

Favourite Local Shop:

Luumo Design on Bronte Road. It is a lovely Scandi homewares store and I wish I could buy everything in there!  

Work or SAHM:

A bit of both, I am trying to build an e-commerce business selling children’s Spanish sandals and desert boots at

Motherly advice :

Relax, I’ve only really learnt this with my second child. We worried with the first that he wasn’t crawling, then wasn’t walking then wasn’t talking but they all take their own time to develop. Obviously I’m not saying ignore any serious developmental delays, but generally they all get there in the end!!


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