Mondays Local Mum - Hannah More

Where and how long have you lived in Sydney’s east:

I was born and raised on Bronte Beach in the middle of the cafes, I own and run Bogey Hole Cafe 473 Bronte Road Bronte, my mum did before me and her mum and her mums mum ran Hoy Gee Milk Bar/ cafe in the 50’s and 60’s on the same strip so I come from a long line of “Eastern Suburbs Mums”

I moved to Maroubra a decade ago and now live near Maroubra beach.

How many children:

I have 4 children 14,12,11,6, three a birth children and one adopted.

Favourite Park:

I love Maroubra beach Park, and Bronte Park.

Favourite Beach: 

Bronte Beach

Favourite kid friendly cafe: 

The North End Cafe At Maroubra, I opened it in 2013 and have recently sold to some other “eastern suburbs mums” who have made a great kid friendly area.

Favourite Coffee Spot:

Bogey Hole Cafe you can’t beat the position all year round 😉

Favourite date night place: 

Four Fourteen restaurant Surry Hills

Favourite Local Day Out Activity:

Family arvo at the beach

Favourite Local Shop:

Maroubra surf and skate

Favourite wet weather location:

Home in front of the fire! Or if the kids have cabin fever Randwick Ritz or Hoyts Eastgardens with the new reclining seats

Describe an ideal day in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for you?

Morning walk and swim on the beach, usually Maroubra, Seeing all the locals and families, saying good morning to everyone, coffee at Bay Bakehouse before 7 or North end after 7, yoga anywhere anytime with anyone, doing something that we don’t get to do everyday, sail at Yarra Bay or on the harbour, beach for a surf and swim, Mahon Pool, Cooper Park for a bush walk, fire and dough boys (yes you can make a fire in the eastern suburbs please don’t tell everyone!).

Seeing family and friends, nursing someones newborn, Low tide arvo at the southern end of Bronte Beach, Nice little right hander on the reef for the boys to surf, Charlotte playing and swimming, blue blue water, and my mum bringing an early picnic dinner over. We are the luckiest kids in the world!

Work or SAHM:

I had to google what SAHM was (insert laughing smily face) I work, I am a single mum and have two businesses I run Bogey Hole and also do catering for a photography studio and location jobs, I stayed at home with my children when they were babies, they are all at school now and I have an amazing live in au pair.

Motherly advice:

Appreciate each stage cause it all goes by so quickly! I know it seems like those sleepless nights and endless teething won’t finish but they do and when the house seems to be full of teenage boys you wish you could go back to day sleeps and baby food… believe me babies eat so much less!

Even though motherhood and parenting is selfless take time to Love yourself, make time for yourselves, you are doing an amazing job! It’s not easy to be a mum but it sure is the nicest locations and communities to raise a child! #takesavillagetoraiseachild


P.S. Sorry about the 14 year old with cross eyes, he has made it his mission as a teenager to not let me take a decent photo, this has been ongoing for the last 11 months, so as I said above appreciate the baby and toddler years