Bondi Beach, NSW: Just in time for post-lockdown festivities, ESTAMOS is  launching a new flavour, Passionfruit, on 21 October. We all know the key to the  perfect margarita is the freshness and quality behind the ingredients, and ESTAMOS  provides just that. Their newest flavour is set to be the most tropical one yet. 

“We have been working behind the scenes on this flavour for quite some time  following the overwhelming success of our two current flavours: Watermelon and  Cucumber Cooler,” stated ESTAMOS founder, Britney Chu. “With Freedom day here  and the approaching hot months we thought this would be the perfect time to launch  our own version of Summer in a bottle.” 

In addition to offering this next exciting flavour, ESTAMOS is using this opportunity to  raise awareness and money to help empower women and girls living in third world  countries. ESTAMOS is teaming up with CARE Australia, an international aid  organisation, and donating 10% of proceeds to support their Leftemap Sista (meaning ‘lifting up our women and girls’). This project helps women and girls in  Vanuatu, just 3 and ½ hours away from Sydney, live without the constant fear of  violence, earn an income, and make their own decisions about their lives. 

“At ESTAMOS we are all about women uplifting other women,” outlined Britney. “”I  couldn’t be more inspired to be supporting this group and feel incredibly passionate  about bringing this to the forefront during our launch. It is one more reason to feel  guilt-free about your ESTMAOS margaritas this Summer.” 

Born under the Bondi sun, ESTAMOS serves as a flavour amplifier, bringing balance  and unparalleled freshness to the mixture of your margarita. In addition, it proudly  boasts between 2-4 grams of sugar (from the fruit) per serving, while other mixers on  the shelves can have up to 20 grams of added sugar. With Summer on its way,  there’s no better time to get reacquainted with this classic cocktail. Whether you’re  feeling pressed for time or want to spice it up, just-add-tequila mixers can really save  the day, especially when they are done right. 

The guilt-free mix is available in five stores and online (,  where customers can enjoy local delivery within 10km of Sydney. The bottles retail  for $42, with a choice between Spicy Watermelon, Cucumber Cooler, and now  Passionfruit, or all three! 

Right now, the team is offering press and their readers a discount code for $10 off and free local delivery, with no minimum spend required: PRESS10 


ESTAMOS is the “we” conjugation of “to be” in Spanish. It signals coming together  with friends and family (via zoom during these times) and being present in the current  moment while enjoying a fresh margarita. ESTAMOS was born in pursuit of a guilt free and delicious margarita mix that aligns with a healthy lifestyle, without hangover inducing sugar or preservatives. So instead of spending your Friday night juicing  limes, let ESTAMOS do the squeezing, measuring, and mixing — and you do the  drinking. 


  • Made from 100% fresh Australian produce 
  • Only five ingredients 
  • No added sugars or sweeteners (2-4 grams of natural sugar per serve) Each 1L bottle makes 12 margaritas 
  • Recommended serving is 1 shot of tequila to 2 shots of ESTAMOS over lots  of ice 
  • You can easily use ESTAMOS to make a mocktail by swapping the tequila for  soda water or coconut water 
  • Born in Bondi 
  • Female-founder and CEO: Britney Chu 

Five Key Ingredients of Passionfruit Flavour:  

  1. Lime 
  2. Passionfruit 
  3. Pineapple 
  4. Apple 
  5. Chili Salt