Kids dinner TICK, kids snacks TICK, kids drinks TICK, kids vitamins TICK TICK TICK.

Is this what’s taking priority in your house? As important as kids nutrition is, YOUR nutrition is unbelievably important.

As a mother, you need the energy to make the delicious, nutritious meals, to get the kids ready for school, to do the school run, to drive all over the place for afternoon activities…you get the picture, the list is endless.

So what’s important to a busy mum’s diet? If we break it down to the ity-bity finer details, you might feel over whelmed, so let’s keep it simple and jazzy.

  1. Feeling satisfied: which means a meal lasts you until the next meal
  2. Easy to prepare: You can whip it nice and quick
  3. Nutritious: You brain and body will thank you for this


Feeling Satisfied

Let’s face it, if a meal or snack doesn’t satisfy you, you find yourself reaching for the not-so-good-for-you-food. Therefore it is incredibly important to include protein, carbohydrate and fat into a meal or snack.

This helps our bodies feel satisfied by providing them with the major nutrients needed to function. Not skimping on these nutrients keeps your body running for longer, and boosts your energy too. Of course there are many tiny little nutrients that help boost energy, and we will cover those soon.

Breakfast is hardest?

How about preparing some bircher muesli the night before, and adding yoghurt and fresh fruit when you eat it.

Lunchtime Ravenous?

Often left over dinner is a great idea, make a few extra roasted sweet potatoes, throw into a salad with rocket, avocado, tomatoes, baked chicken or tuna, cover with olive oil and lemon…TASTY!

Want dinner the whole family will enjoy? This recipe is easy and tasty and you can make plenty for the next day, Butter Chicken by Pete Evans. Here is a great snack for all the family to enjoy, with all 3 macronutrients to boot!

Light & Chewy Muesli Bars

Easy to Prepare

If its not easy, you wont make it! Can you dedicate a few hours on the weekend to food prep for the week? Chop carrots, make frittatas, bake muesli bars, stock up the fridge and the pantry so you know you have something to grab if you are on the run.

If that is too hard, can you make extra portions at dinner so there is a meal for you the next day?


Keeping it nutritious ensures you are supporting your body through times of stress. Keeping food real and whole helps you to provide you body with the required nutrients, especially key vitamins and minerals.

B vitamins are crucial, and come from a wide variety of foods, Dr Libby describes great food sources for b-vitamins and their co-factors, which help them to be absorbed and activated (which helps them WORK in your body)

Iron is essential for energy, to help carry oxygen around our blood, which gives us the energy we so deeply require. Making sure you eat your iron with vitamin c for best absorption. So how about boosting your iron by amping your greens, add a ‘green smoothie’ to your breakfast

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Pear
  • 1 Handful of Spinach
  • 1 Cup of water
  • Blend together in a blender, yum!

Dr Libby also talks about ‘swapping‘ foods, to make better choices for your body and therefore less strain on our systems.

You already know the drill about 5+ a day. But really, increasing your vegetable intake boosts energy, and makes your body function better. Which is what we all want, especially for our kids to see and learn from.

For more detailed analysis of what your body is experiencing, do you have brain fog, are you constantly tired, stressed to the max, feeling a bit low and unhappy, come and see me at Health Space Kings Cross

Renee Holmes

Nutritionist/Paediatric Nurse

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