According to recent research moving house is more stressful than divorce or starting a new job.  Added to this stress is the common challenge of moving with young children and no idea where to start which make many families dread the process of moving house.

Ali and Danielle from local eastern suburbs business Home Remedy give us the low down on how best to manage the process without getting stressed and overwhelmed.

“We get a lot of calls from families who need our help, especially families with young children who are time poor and needing support.”

“A recent example was a mum of two young children Sarah from Paddington who rang us one chilly Saturday night with the words ‘We move into our new home
in a few weeks, my husband is working and I have two young children. The truck is booked but I am so stressed and have no idea where to start. Can you please help?’

Ali and Danielle from Home Remedy receive these calls regularly and understand how stressful moving can be on everyone. So, first thing Monday morning they went to Sarah’s rescue.


Sarah was concerned about having strangers in her home, touching her belongings.

“Trust is one of the main concerns most of our clients have, having strangers in your house moving personal belongings can create a lot of anxiety for many people, our approach is to keep the client informed and meet them face to face to help reassure them,”said Ali.

The team packed Sarah’s entire house, and even advised her to pack a bag for the children, with essentials, as if they were going away for a few days. This ensured she’d have all the things she needed at hand.

At the new home, the  team were waiting and directing the removalists. The beds were first to come off along with the linen, the cot was made up and beds prepared with clean sheets. No matter what the day brought, everyone could rest easy.

The kitchen basics and bathroom were made functional, and all packing materials removed as the unpacking took place.

The next day, Kate, the interior designer arrived with flowers and helped with final arrangements of furniture. She also helped with selecting pieces of furniture, rugs and paintings the family needed for their new home.

In the meantime, the pantry and linen cupboard were sorted, the kitchen unpacked and in perfect working order. All books in the bookshelves and the study was set up.  The children’s rooms looked amazing. All their favourite toys were accessible, yet tidy and organised. A much-needed handyman was also called in to attend to picture hanging and some odd jobs.

“When my husband came home, he was thrilled and surprised that our new home was perfectly functioning and beautiful. He had been dreading the hours of unpacking, shopping for new pieces for the house.”said Sarah.

“I could not have done it without the services and support from Home Remedy, and would never think of moving again without their help,”said Sarah.

“After they left I closed the door and there was not a box in sight!”

“Unpacking boxes and sorting rooms without much support is a common issue facing lots of families, it means for many they can spend weeks even months not
unpacked properly and creating unsettledness in their living space, we try to solve that problem and make it easy to settle into your new home as when you move it should be an exciting time not a stressful time,”said Ali.


Home Remedy take the stress out of home organising, preparing for sale, property styling, short term rental preparations and estate clearing. There isn’t a home problem they don’t have a remedy for!


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