“Unfortunately these days we are bombarded by toxins. Our bodies are developed to rid themselves of excess toxins but in today’s society our systems are
overwhelmed.When we are overloaded with toxins our bodies give us clues.” said local mum and naturopath Emily Rose Yates.

Common symptoms you may experience with excess toxicity are:

Frequent headaches

Difficulty sleeping

Bloating, constipation

Brain fog


Heavy and painful periods

Mood swings

Skin issues

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it could be time to cleanse and bring back some energy vitality and JOY in your life!

Founder of Eastern Suburbs Mums Natalie Hudson completed The Cleanse last spring and said it totally changed the way she now eats and

“Like most mums I am time poor trying to juggle so much and I lacked energy surviving on coffee and sugar to help me get thru stress and the day with kids. 
I knew this wasn’t right and from doing the cleanse and with the great support from Emily I am now off coffee…

“What I really loved about the cleanse was that it was really accessible to mothers, a great closed Facebook group, Facebook Live’s from Emily which meant
I could connect with other mums going thru the same things, we shared recipe ideas and cravings for coffee posts!  but I really loved the reality
of it all I learnt so much about food.  Also I feel Emily being a mum herself can identify easily with what we are all facing but make it practical
to fit into your life.

Emily was also able to identify other health issues for me which to be honest my GP had glossed over and not even bothered to follow up, I was really low
in iron and my immune system was low so discussing with her how to help this was so beneficial.” said Natalie.

The CLEANSE program provides you with unlimited access to experienced Naturopath Emily Rose Yates, through the online private Facebook
page to ensure that you have all you need to make the changes you need, nutritionally, energetically and spiritually.

The CLEANSE program also supplies you with unlimited tools, breathwork, yoga and meditation in order to arm you with everything you need
to self manage your emotions and mental state.



Join Emily Rose Yates Naturopath on the cleanse https://www.emilyroseyates.com/cleanse-with-emily

The next Cleanse starts 17th February 2019.