Niki Saks reveals the unfiltered reality of living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in her new book:  ‘Hiding in the Open:  Living Sensitively’

A combination of struggle and triumph that will bring BPD into focus for so many people living with mental health and personal challenges. 

In a world where the stigma surrounding mental health still looms, prominent and highly respected wellness coach Niki Saks, is breaking the silence with her groundbreaking new book.  In it, she bravely  introduces readers to a profoundly personal and universal topic – the reality of living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). 

Titled ‘Hiding in the Open: Living Sensitively’, Niki’s book is a raw and honest exploration of her experiences with BPD, a condition that affects an estimated six percent of the population. Unlike many other books on mental health, Niki’s approach is refreshingly informal, making the reader feel as though they are having a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend.   Her writing style engages readers immersing them in the reality of life with BPD and the day to day struggles she faces as a result. 

“I chose to communicate my story in my own casual style as if having a conversation with a friend. So here we are, my friend. This is my story of living sensitively with BPD,” Saks said. 

“’Hiding in the Open’ doesn’t delve into the science behind specific diagnoses but offers an informative and entertaining perspective on living with a mental health condition. My aim is to share my journey in a way that shows people that it is possible to lead a fulfilling and happy life regardless of having a mental illness. 

“My journey is filled with painful and difficult experiences which have contributed to, and amplified, my mental health challenges.  I acknowledge in the book that my set of psychological disorders probably occurred as a result of growing up in a dysfunctional, traumatic, and unstable home.

“This manifested in a number of ways through my life including confidence and self-awareness issues,  an eating disorder, difficult and dysfunctional relationships, relationship breakdowns, an autoimmune disease, depression, an overdose, and more.  In addition, I also sustained serious life changing injuries from an accident just to add to the already hefty weight of challenges I faced. 

“I cover everything in my book.  I showcase the issues I have faced and how when I reached a certain point in my life, I was able to reflect, draw strength from within and recognise that I had the power to change my path, embrace my challenges and lead a more productive, loving and enjoyable life.

The book also touches upon the importance of having open conversations about mental health. Niki emphasises the need for empathy and support, especially for those who may be dealing with mental health challenges.

“I am a wellness coach and, through coaching, realised that people were struggling with mental health issues that affected their overall health and mental wellbeing. I thought I would share my story in the hope of helping people through my experience. I believe that we are all affected in one way or another. None of us are immune to trauma, disappointment and pain, even if you believe you have had an ideal childhood or are living your best life,” Saks added. 

Through her own journey and experiences, Niki Saks hopes to encourage others to speak out about their mental wellbeing and seek the support they need. She believes that self-empowerment and knowledge can help individuals work with all parts of themselves and lead a more fulfilling life. 

“I intend to do whatever I am able to as a wellbeing mentor and mental health activist to create awareness around mental health and recovery,” Saks explained. 

“’Hiding in the Open: Living Sensitively’ is a must-read for anyone looking to gain insight into mental health, self-discovery, and the power of resilience.   My book helps to normalise the issues and challenges that people experience, because they are normal – normal for many people including those with mental health issues.”

Niki’s honest story and her message of hope will undoubtedly resonate with readers from all different backgrounds, experiences, and circumstances.

“For many years, I was a victim of my circumstances. I blamed my ‘situation’ on my sensitivity, mental state, my past, or anything that troubled me at the time,” Saks said. 

“I exhausted everyone who tried tirelessly to support me when I was in the darkest of spaces – day after day, year after year. 

“I believed that the world was the problem. Today, I am not powerless! I acknowledge that my mental health takes constant work. I live sensitively, passionately, and creatively, and I choose how to show up in my world as opposed to being overwhelmed by it. 

“So, after all the research, I realised that I am not a borderline, co-dependent, or highly sensitive person with ADD who hates sound; I am way more than all of that. 

“This applies to each one of us. We are so much more than any perceived weakness we may have of ourselves. A suggested solution is self-empowerment and knowledge to work with all the parts of oneself.”

‘Hiding in the Open:  Living Sensitively’ is available for purchase at and   


About Niki Saks

Niki Saks is a wellness coach and accomplished entrepreneur with over four decades of experience in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and life skills. She has dedicated her career to promoting mental well-being and open dialogue around mental health challenges. Niki’s book, ‘Hiding in the Open: Living Sensitively’, is an honest exploration of her own journey with Borderline Personality Disorder, offering hope and inspiration to others facing similar challenges. Born in South Africa, Niki splits her time between the breathtaking landscapes of Cape Town and the vibrant energy of Sydney, Australia.