A celebration is on the cards and Full-time is about to be called on construction of Randwick City’s newest centre for sporting excellence, which is now just weeks away from opening to the public.

“We are reaching the pointy end of the project and it’s exciting to see it all come together. I’m looking forward to getting the community inside the centre and watching it all come to life,” said Mayor Dylan Parker.

The opening of a building like the Heffron Centre deserves a lot of celebration and fanfare and that’s exactly what’s in store.

Carmen Glynn-Braun & Dennis Golding, photographed by Joshua Morris

After 18 months working through endless rain, supply chain issues and COVID, there are now just finishing touches left to complete on this $58 million dollar project.

The new venue for sporting excellence is now the official home for the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Souths Cares, who moved into the building last week and have had their first training session on the field.

With the state-of-the-art community sports side of the centre also due to open soon, an Exclusive Community Sports Weekend is planned for Saturday 6 May and Sunday 7 May.

“This drop-in weekend will give the community a chance to explore all the sports that will be on offer at the centre for the general public. Pop-in and try your hand at basketball, netball, futsal, gymnastics, dance and more,” said Mayor Parker.

Not-to-be-missed is Saturday 1 July, when the culmination of all this hard work and waiting will come to an end with a grand opening day planned for the whole community!

Join us with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, plenty of community sports representatives, food, and lots of fun to and see first-hand what our new centre for sporting excellence will offer our community, right here in Randwick City.

For more information visit the Randwick council website: www.randwick.nsw.gov.au