Term one is done and dusted. The school holidays offer families a chance to reset before Term 2 starts next week. With a quarter of the school year already behind us, now is the time for parents to reflect and assess how their child has settled into school and identify any learning gaps, lack of confidence or signs of struggling. This may be the perfect time to seek help if parents feel their child needs it.

Online tutoring service Cluey Learning recognises that every child has a unique personality and approach to learning, which is why they tailor their tutoring to the learning needs of each student. To highlight its personalised service, Cluey has partnered with Just Cuts – the largest hairdressing company in the Southern Hemisphere – offering free personalised haircuts to help kids go back to school with renewed confidence.

A study commissioned by Cluey earlier this year  found that 88 per cent of parents felt that their child could do with more individualised attention at school.

Cluey’s online platform delivers a personalised experience that is mapped to the Australian school curriculum. Students’ individual needs are matched to over 2,000 hand-selected tutors and sessions are offered online in private face to face or small group settings.

Cluey Learning’s Chief Learning Officer, Dr Selina Samuels says: “It’s hard to reconcile that we expect such a deep level of personalisation for our everyday experiences, yet we don’t demand the same for our children’s learning. Just as you wouldn’t expect your child to have the same hairstyle as every other student in their school, you wouldn’t expect them to be identical learners.

During these holidays it’s important to take time to reflect on the learning needs of your children going into Term 2.  Online tutoring to complement the classroom is being embraced by many families around the world. Research shows that it is hugely beneficial for their learning and also their wellbeing for kids to receive support and encouragement from adults who are not their parents or teachers. We know that children are often too nervous to put their hand up in class to admit they don’t know something in front of their peers. It’s important to find a safe space where kids feel comfortable to ask questions or admit they don’t know something without being judged.”

Visit www.clueylearning.com.au to request a free haircut. For further details and to learn more about Cluey Learning click here.