During the COVID years, everyone made the necessary adjustments to make life work for them, much of which was shopping online for clothes. However, it’s easy to buy clothes like t-shirts and pyjamas online because the fit doesn’t have to be exact. When it comes to shopping for bras and undies though, nothing beats the service and precision of an in-store fitting. 

Esther Labi, Australia’s Bra Whisperer and owner of Storm in a D Cup, recommends women to restock their underwear every six to twelve months and get fitted for new bras every time, because women’s bodies change so much with hormone fluctuations, weight gain and weight loss.   She also emphasises the benefits of going in store to get sized up and fitted by a professional to achieve the best fitting, style and comfort outcome.  

“Nothing can replace the experience of getting fitted for bras in store by a professional every time you need new bras because up to 80 percent of women are actually going about their days wearing the wrong size,” Labi said. 

“Wearing the wrong bra size can lead to problems like back, neck and shoulder pain, abrasions, chafing and even damage to the breast tissue. Shops don’t charge anything for a fitting, so do yourself a favour and get fitted every time you shop for bras.  

“On top of the comfort benefits, you will also ensure that you get the right bra stye for your shape, which will save you lots of money in the long run too.”

Five reasons to get fitted in store

  • Personalised service

“Everyone complains about the lack of quality service these days. But you’ll never find this at a bra fitting. Your consultant will fit you and give you advice in privacy and bring you a selection of bras that will suit you,” Labi said. 

“Staff have been trained and know what advice to offer you, and depending on your lifestyle and needs, may offer you different options. You can’t get that kind of personalised service and advice from a screen.   Admittedly, not as many lingerie stores provide proper fittings anymore so you do need to do your homework to find a business like Storm in a D Cup that does provide a full fitting service, but it is well worth the experience.  Your breasts are important and need to be comfortable and properly supported.”

  • Better fit on the spot

“It’s really annoying to order things online, only to have the item not fit you well. Then you’ll have the hassle of contacting the store to organise returns or exchanges, and then you have to organise the parcel to be returned and check your bank statement to make sure the refund has been issued. It can be a waste of time,” Labi said. 

“It’s much better to go in store and get the right bras right away, that way you’ll never have the problem of not getting the right fit.

“When you’re getting fitted for a new bra, remove your top and stand straight, don’t slouch! Your consultant will fit you by sight and can tell if the bra you are wearing is the wrong size, so it’s important to go to your fitting wearing your most comfortable bra.  An experienced bra fitter will then bring you a variety of options and styles and once you’ve tried the bra on, will make some adjustments to determine the proper fit. Not all bras fit the same so it’s important that each bra is fitted to you.”

  • More options to try on

“When you shop in store, you have access to hundreds of brands, styles and fits. After you’ve been fitted and your consultant has ascertained your size, your bra fitter will discuss the different styles of bras that will suit you and you’ll have the chance to try them all on. If you have any special concerns like uneven breast size or perhaps back or shoulder issues, now is a time to flag these with her. A good fitter will also be able to help fit pregnant women and those who have finished breastfeeding,” she explained.  

“In addition, nothing beats seeing and feeling a product in real life.   Our store has so many beautiful products on display that once you are in store you will fall in love with all the options and new designs.  Being in a lingerie store is like being in bra heaven – it’s wonderful.”

  • In store sales

“Who doesn’t want to save money! It’s true that you can get good deals online, but if you’re shopping for bras online, you might be tempted to buy a bra that’s unknowingly not the right fit for you, just because it’s on sale,” Labi said.

“When you shop in store, your fitter knows which products are right for you that are also currently on sale, so you can still grab a bargain, and you’ll get a better fit and proper service and personalised advice too.

“Stores also have spot sales and special clearance bins. Our staff are also trained to offer discounts on the floor as well to help our customers secure their favourite products at the best price, especially when they are buying two or more products at once.  You can’t get this service online.”

  • Honest feedback 

“The best thing about shopping in store for underwear and bras is the honesty you’ll receive from your consultant. Our fitters do not work on any commission or bonuses so they will give you their honest feedback while endeavouring to get you the best fitting styles for you,” Labi said. 

“You might feel awkward discussing your bras and breasts with a total stranger but rest assured that all your fittings are conducted in the privacy of a change room and that your bra fitter is a specialist at what she does. With years of experience under their belt, and there’s nothing they haven’t seen before, so if there’s anything that you feel uncomfortable about, just let her know and she will make adjustments to suit you. Importantly, your bra fitter can give you expert advice and recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.”

All day comfort 

“If you haven’t been fitted for a bra in a long time, it’s high time you headed in store for a proper fitting. You’ll probably be surprised at what your bra consultant tells you! Bra shopping isn’t as intimidating as most people think it is, you’ll end up having fun without even realising it,” Labi emphasised. 

“At Storm in a D Cup, when you come in store for a fitting, you’ll absolutely fall in love with our bra fitters. They’re all such warm, friendly, welcoming ladies, and they genuinely want to help you get the right fit. Afterall, we all know how uncomfortable an ill-fitting bra can feel when you have it on all day long. If you have the right bra on, you’ll feel comfortable and supported all day long.”

About Storm in a D Cup

Storm in a D Cup is Australia’s leading retailer for lingerie and swim wear for women of all sizes. As a specialist D to K cup lingerie and swim wear store, the company even provides online bra fittings, including fittings for sports bras. Simply book an appointment to suit you and attend the session in the comfort of your own home.  Storm in a D Cup offers in-store sales and online sales for their subscribers.