Book Fair Australia is the first multi-genre book fair in Sydney that puts Australian authors, shops and talent first. 

The book fair will take place on 26 & 27 November, 2022, at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. The event will feature independent and traditional authors and publishers, workshops, children’s activities, panels, cosplay, Dungeon & Dragons games, and raffles.

“This event is the first of its kind. We want Aussie authors on centre stage, especially since they rarely get the spotlight in big book festivals, ” said Ivana L. Truglio, the founder and CEO of Book Fair Australia. 

“We hope people come and discover a new favourite author and celebrate the beauty of Australian literature.” 

Events to look forward to at Book Fair Australia include:

  • Daily cosplay parade (children and adults)
  • Writing workshops
  • Children’s face painting 
  • Storytelling panels
  • Daily book raffles and giveaways 
  • Dungeons & Dragons games hosted by Awakened Fables


Proceeds from the raffles sold at Book Fair Australia will be donated to World Literacy Foundation, which supports Indigenous literacy projects in Cairns.

Tickets for children start at $6.20 and at $27.08 for adults. They are currently available for purchase at Book Fair Australia ( )

When: 26th – 27th November 2022, 10AM – 6PM

Where: Exhibition Hall 5 – 1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

About Book Fair Australia 

After years of attending conventions and exhibitions that put book fans last, we conceived of a celebration of reading that promotes both traditional writers and self-published authors and focuses on our love of books. We want to present a book festival that appeals to all, drawing in readers and authors from across Australia to discuss everything from new releases to cherished classics and bring the fun back into a timeless hobby. Beginning with establishing the fair in Sydney, we intend to bring the event to other cities within the first five years of operation.