Let’s shake off the seriousness, free up those locks and step into vibrant frocks and outfits. We’re placing fun number one with this year’s Portrait Sessions in Sydney – themed Carnival Capers!

We’re talking wondrous colours, mixed with old-world glam, topped with eclectic circus props to inspire young hearts and imaginations.

Your kids will be giggling and dancing around in no time, which is exactly the vibe we want to capture. Styled from head to toe by our expert team, it’ll be smiles all around.


We want to wrap up this year with a whole lot of joy and know Carnival Capers is the perfect theme for your kids to get excited about. (And just secretly, so are we!)

Our team can’t wait to share with you our wondrous set and backdrops inspired by the travelling circus, old world charm and mischievous play. Watch your kid’s eyes light up as they take centre stage!

  • Our styled portrait sessions reflect our ethos of free-spirit and adventure. It’s all about our little stars immersing themselves in a world of whimsy and make believe for half an hour.
  • Nothing is forced, there are no over-lit blank spaces – just the opportunity for your child to dress up and have fun.
  • Kids are encouraged to do whatever they’re in the mood for, be it a sweet smile, playing with props, to dancing and everything in between!
  • Our expert team are known for creating fun vibes and memorable, positive experiences.
  • Kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy our portrait sessions, including siblings.


Saturday 18th November

Sunday 19th November


The Enchanting ‘Leicester Gardens’ (Wahroonga in Sydney’s North)


Camille Nuttall: Renowned for her whimsical sets, candid portraits and relaxed shoot vibes, Cam is a preferred favourite for kids and clients in the fashion and advertising industries.

Jac Shaw: Kids styling is Jac’s forte! Jac is ready to sprinkle her magic and good humour on set and to help your kids look fabulous. 

Michelle Cox: Whether it be a little or a lot, from curls and waves to something sleek, kids love being pampered by our always smiling hair and make-up artist Michelle.

Come join us for some end-of-year fun and walk away with gorgeous memories and portraits for the wall and gifts for the family. It’s also a great opportunity to update the kids’ photos and sort out Christmas gifts!

For details and to book visit: www.camillenuttall.com

Eastern Suburbs Mums receive a 50% Discount by mentioning this ad and email Camille at cam@camillenuttall.com to receive your $50 discount code!!!!