The mad juggle between work, school, kids’ sport, playdates and domestic chores is a reality for most of us, isn’t it?

Our ships are run so tight just so we can get through everything that needs to be done. That’s certainly something Sydney mum of three Kayleen Tunney felt was true.

“Our day to day strongly adheres to routine and structure so we can survive the week,” Kayleen says.

For Kayleen, the biggest cost of this rigid routine is giving the kids time to explore in nature. “My husband and I love the outdoors and we did a lot of hiking, biking, climbing and camping before we had kids.”

This memory of time spent outdoors created a longing for Kayleen and husband Brent to give their kids the opportunity to fall in love with nature.

“We wanted to take our kids out of their sterile environment and give them an experience that would help them embrace nature and all its wonders.”

This was what drove the Tunneys to book an outback adventure in Far North Queensland at Kinrara Expeditions.

“From the moment we set foot on the property, the kids relaxed, were not freaked out by the insects and animals, and didn’t ask for their ipads or TV once.”

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Research shows outdoor adventures help kids in lots of ways. It stimulates creative problem solving and symbolic play while giving them the space to slow down and disconnect from the electronic stimulation that pervades so much of our lives.

Creating an outlet for busy families to unwind and reboot was one of the main reasons Kinrara Expeditions founder Callum O’Brien launched the boutique holiday experience. The father of 7 year old daughter, Mala, could see how his daughter matured every time she returned from spending time in the bush.

“There’s something that changes in kids when they’re taken out of their familiar environment, are surrounded by uninterrupted horizon and have to navigate
nature. It’s almost primal,”O’Brien says.


For Kayleen, watching the kids embrace new experiences with confidence and heightened curiosity was priceless. “It was so beautiful to watch; undoubtedly a life changing holiday.”

Kinrara Expeditions is taking bookings for the July and October school holidays. KIDS STAY FOR FREE.

For more info or to book email or call 0409 704 055 to design a holiday for your