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Loren Finger, Career Coach for Mums
Short description
I am a certified Career and Mindset Coach that helps Mums discover their true career calling and land
their dream career.
Are you considering a career change but are unsure of where to start? If so, I’m here to help.
Using my proven framework, I take the guesswork out of your career change.
In addition to being a certified Career and Mindset Coach, I also have experience in Executive
Recruitment, as a Lawyer and as CEO of a non-profit.
I intimately understand the job market, how to make a successful career change, and can help any
Mum that wants to discover what work they truly love, that is sustainable, aligns with their personal
and family needs and pays the bills
Phone number
0412 983 988
Bondi Junction Sydney (although I have clients from all over the world - we can meet via
Zoom or Google Meet)
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