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Perfectly Imperfect
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We provide neuro-diversity affirming psychology services and disability support services for autistic, ADHER's, queer, and gender-diverse people, as well as those within the neurotypical community struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, family conflict.
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Perfectly Imperfect provide neurodivergent (Autistic/ADHD) and LGBTQI (Gay/Lesbian/Non-binary/Queer) affirming services and counselling to children, adolescents and adults with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, child behaviour management, grief and loss, parental separation, family conflict and couples therapy.
We also provide disability advocacy and support, behaviour support specialist services and NDIS access liaison specialist support, including functional capacity assessments and functional behavioural assessments to obtain strategies and sufficient funding to assist individuals in need.
We strive to help individuals develop positive coping mechanisms and communication skills that empower to navigate the challenges they face. Using person-centred, strengths based approach to recognise individuals unique strengths and challenges and focuses on building capacity and independence. We work on developing self-compassion and self-acceptance, self-care and healthy boundaries.
Overall, our approach is rooted in empathy, empowerment, respect, deep understanding of diverse experiences and perspectives of the individuals we work with.
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Phone number 0411 837 312 Fax number 02 9072 2683
1/1141 Botany Road, Mascot, NSW 2020
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